Albuquerque could stay two more weeks

… to avoid a very long hiatus

Albuquerque at the PSD Regional Council, in Funchal

JM headlines today that whilst Miguel Albuquerque will formalise his resignation on Monday, he may remain at Quinta Vigia for a few more weeks – the middle of the month – as at the head of a government under current management. A new parade of parties will follow, taking place in the Assembly at the Palácio de São Lourenço, which should be completed next Friday. 

Only after that does the representative of the Republic, a position held by Ireneu Barreto, decide what to do. He believes the executive has the legitimacy to support a new executive, avoiding early elections.

“The regime in Madeira is a pure parliamentary regime and, in this sense, we are now in a position to, with my resignation, [make] the presentation of a new Government, with a new Government program and a new Budget, in the sense of guarantee the region’s governability and, above all, ensure that there is not a very long hiatus that would jeopardize the functioning of the region”

The PSD/CDS-PP coalition won the elections on September 24, 2023, but was one deputy short of an absolute majority, a circumstance that led to the signing of a parliamentary advocacy agreement with the PAN’s sole deputy.

“The legitimacy that was granted by the Madeirans and Porto Santos four months ago remains intact”, declared Miguel Albuquerque.

The Madeiran social democratic leader was speaking after the meeting of the PSD Regional Council, in Funchal, which analyzed the political crisis that is plaguing the region, following a process that investigates suspicions of corruption in the archipelago.

Miguel Albuquerque was named a defendant and, at the beginning of the week, he officially resigned from the position of president of the Regional Government with the representative of the Republic for Madeira, Ireneu Barreto, with whom he will meet again on Monday.

Albuquerque could stay two more weeks 1
President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

“It is up to the political parties to propose a solution”, he said, and then reinforced: “What my party will propose, this is what was unanimously approved here, is a governance solution with our partners in the current parliamentary framework”.

In this way, he said, the representative of the Republic should hear the parties next week, highlighting, on the other hand, that there are now no conditions to discuss the Regional Budget proposal for 2024, which should take place between February 6th and 9th, a period in which Two motions of censure against the Government would also be debated, presented by the PS, the largest opposition party in Madeira, and Chega.

Asked about the possibility of the President of the Republic deciding to dissolve the Regional Legislative Assembly after March 24 and call early elections, Miguel Albuquerque only said that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (opposite) “can make the decisions he sees fit”.

“I understand that there is, from the point of view of some parties, an eagerness to call elections”, he said, guaranteeing, however, that “the PSD is not afraid of going to elections, what the PSD has to do is ensure that the region does not become with a government under management until July, as this will be catastrophic”, as we cannot “execute anything.”

Albuquerque also highlighted that the Regional Council, in which hundreds of activists participated, unanimously approved “the guarantee that the legitimacy that was granted by the Madeirans and Porto Santos four months ago remains intact”, highlighting that the parliamentary majority “is assured based on the position of the CDS and the position of the PAN” and has “all the conditions to ensure political stability and confidence in the region”.

“We have to present, at this moment, a governance solution for the region,” he said.

On the other hand, he added, it will be the party that nominates the name of the new head of the executive.

Albuquerque will leave the leadership of the PSD/Madeira

Miguel Albuquerque also said that he will leave the leadership of the PSD/Madeira after the next congress, which has not yet been set, and that he will not occupy the position of deputy in the regional parliament.

The resigning president of the Madeiran executive also reiterated that he was available to be heard in the process that investigates suspicions of corruption in the archipelago at “any time”.

On January 24, the Judiciary Police carried out around 130 home and non-home searches, mainly in Madeira, but also in the Azores and in various areas of the continent, as part of a process that investigates suspicions of active and passive corruption, economic participation in business, malfeasance, receiving or offering an undue advantage, abuse of powers and influence peddling.

Miguel Albuquerque was made a defendant and the then president of the Funchal Chamber, Pedro Calado (PSD), who has since resigned from his position, the leader of the construction group AFA, Avelino Farinha, and the main shareholder of the group linked to civil construction Socicorreia were arrested. , Custódio Correia.

18 thoughts on “Albuquerque could stay two more weeks”

  1. What is the next largest party to the PSD, how many Deputies do they have and how short were they of a majority at the last election. How much of a turn round by the voters would it take to remove the PSD?

    • The regional parliament is made of 47 deputies. Currently PSD (centre-right) rules in coalition with CDS (centre-right) and PAN (animal/green party). They make 24 deputies in total.

      The next big party is PS (socialists) which are the ones that are currently the Portuguese Republic government. They make 11 deputies in regional parliament.

      Then there is JPP with 7 deputies which is a regional party. This is a citizens movement and they are somehow left-wing populists and present themselves as “checkers/verifiers” rather than having ambitious to be government.

      Then there is CHEGA which is a far-right party with 4 deputies. This is a bit dangerous party nationwide but harmless in the regional parliament because the regional parliament does not make laws for security, emmigration, etc.

      Then there another 2 far-left parties and 1 liberal (right wing).

      Then there are represetantion of 2 far left parties (1 each).

      All in all I don’t think people that are disappointed with PSD will give their vote to PS because the socialist party has some corruption background in mainland with a convicted ex-prime minister. They will either give their vote to a new PSD president or vote in JPP and CHEGA which will be big winner due to their “anti-corruption” program. There is one thing though. PSD are the fathers of autonomy and has an historic background of political fight against republic even when PSD rules in the republic and people will likely not vote for parties who do not respect that autonomy.

        • Jane, I don’t intend to justify criminal acts but when you have an autonomy of 270,000 people there will always be straight links between politicians and private companies and with power those links get narrower and narrower. This is valid for all parties and we can not associate corruption with a specific party, only with power. Madeireans are very pragmatic people and they do know this so a more global view needs to be given rather than just the corruption issue, namely who better serves autonomy which is extremely important to Madeira since Portugal is a very centralist country. Lisbon city is only 600,000 people and 80% of all government secretaries of the past 50 years are from Lisbon city out of a 10 million people country. This is not normal aswell.

      • The three in Lisbon can hardly be described as figure heads. I fear either this will be thrown out as a mis-trial because of procedure or a huge fine being set, as per the £16.6 million fine and two year suspended jail sentence paid by Madeira’s favourite son to the Spanish authorities.

  2. It must be eight days now, considering the amount of money we are talking about it seems more than reasonable to me. It’s hardly a case of having only one rear light on your car working. My fear is that this will be thrown out due to lack of the correct procedures.

    • Well after so much corruption going on they need a holiday and a very well deserved rest in the jail paid by the justice department left them enjoy the excellent accommodation no need getting concerned about the days they are staying there . 😂😁😄


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