A number of readers and contributors have enquired about the blog, and its history and development – so here goes:

This blog originally started life as the “madeira4u” blog in September 2007 authored by Der. Posts were composed using the old “Yahoo365” blogging software which was being progressively wound-down by Yahoo, with a cut-off date being scheduled for mid 2009, after which the blog and all content would have disappeared from the internet as there was no transition to other software offered by Yahoo. Prior to this Der had also been looking for financial sponsorship to cover the time he spent on the project, but sufficient pledges of support for his work were not forthcoming, until madeiraislanddirect.com offered to become main sponsors. In May 2009 their technology-based parent company in the UK eventually completed the task of re-configuring and importing all Der’s previous work to a new fully supported platform (WordPress) on their own servers before it became obsolete on the old Yahoo servers.

After the successful transition in May 2009, Der continued his excellent work on the Madeira News Blog, but by June 2010 he had become increasingly disillusioned with the project due to the lack of contributions from all but a few dedicated readers. In June 2010 Der decided to completely abandon the blog, informing the sponsors that he could no longer continue in his role and requesting that they attempt to find other editors/contributors. The blog languished for three months until September of that year when a new editor volunteered in the form of “Abbo”, who worked on the project until early 2012. In this instance, the editor became disillusioned by the lack of feedback in the “Comments” section following each post. When he resigned from the project responsibility came back to the main sponsors, who have maintained the blog for more than eight years. In this period the whole appearance of the blog has been completely overhauled and now includes a number of additional features including the latest “social media” links.

The readership in April 2009 was just over 3,400 visits/month. By 2014 an average of just under 1,000 pages were viewed daily (these figures include returning visitors) and the website became one of the top 1000 most popular in Portugal. Total page views as at mid-2020 stand at 6-10,000 daily. As it has become more and more successful, it has also been blatantly copied and imitated by other aspiring websites specialising in Madeira who are not willing to put in the imagination or the effort into creating their own.

EDITORIAL POLICY: “Comments” are posted as they are received from readers after passing through a spam filter. No editorial control is exercised other than to remove comments that are self promoting or malicious.

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  1. Several days ago I stopped receiving your email notifications of new blog postings.
    Was this something that I did? Is there a way for me to resume that service?
    I very much appreciate your efforts as I have been following you blog for the last year or so as we prepare to spend most of the months of March, April and May on the island to determine if that is where we would like to settle for our retirement.
    L. O. “Skip” House
    Brewer, Maine, USA

    • Apologies Louise. We are seeking to reinstate the e-mail notification, but have struggled to find a competitive provider – there are more than 32,000 subscribers to a couple of mailing lists, which will cost more than €1500/per annum to notify all subscribers of a new post. The previous provider was cheaper, but the associated overheads were slowing the website. Please bear with us as we seek to find a solution.

  2. The reCAPTCHA option on your Contact Page is not displaying properly, so I used this screen to send you a message.

    I have noticed that the graphic at the top of your webpage states 2007 – 2020. I was initially put off going any further as my conclusion was that the website was no longer being updated.

    Something to add to the `to do` list, when the hacking situation calms down?

  3. Enjoy reading the blog and the comments. Due to covid we have not been to Funchal since December 2019 so it’ great to hear news through the blog. We do hope to return!

  4. Been to Maderia for 3 weeks in July and 3 weeks in September. Absolutely no problems with all places maintaining masks and safety precautions so perfectly safe. Holiday makers were different with families asking where the beaches were and youngsters asking where the nigh clubs were. But it was still heaven !!!!


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