Corruption investigation: update

Lawyers recalled urgently in Operation Zarco

Zarco, as the corruption operation named after him continues
  • Lawyers for the three corruption suspects called back to Court: Lawyers representing Madeiran businessmen detained in Operation Zarco were called back to court as an“emergency” yesterday to the court at the Justice Campus, in Lisbon, where the interrogation of businessman Custódio Correia (Socicorreia group), one of the three, was taking place

    Lawyer André Navarro de Noronha was already in court, for the continuing interrogation of his client. However, for what was described as procedural reasons, this was delayed according to the lawyer.

    The lawyers for the other two detainees arrived hurriedly at 2:00 pm at the Justice Campus. According to Raul Soares da Veiga, the lawyers were called “urgently” due to “an anomalous issue”, which “seems to have to do with evidence”, without being able to provide further details.

    “They called me an emergency,” said Avelino Farinha’s lawyer, Raul Soares da Veiga, speaking to journalists at 2 pm, at the entrance to the Central Criminal Investigation Court. At that time, an interrogation was already taking place, which had been interrupted for a lunch break and was resumed at 1:45 pm, according to a judicial official, indicating that the investigations should take place beyond 5:00 pm.

    “I have to go and see what is going on”, pointed out Raul Soares da Veiga, without saying whether the ongoing interrogation will have to be interrupted. Minutes earlier, lawyer Paulo Sá e Cunha, who represents the former president of the Chamber of Funchal, Pedro Calado (PSD), arrived at the court later, stating that he was late but that he was not I expected his client to be heard today.
Corruption investigation: update 1
  • Avelino Farinha “won all the work on merit”: Madeiran businessman Avelino Farinha, who began being questioned yesterday, assured the judge that he won “on merit” all the works that were awarded to him, according to the lawyer for the leader of the AFA group

    “He said that he did everything correctly, that there was no corruption at all and that he won all the works on merit”, Raul Soares da Veiga told journalists, as he left the Criminal Investigation Court. The businessman began to be interviewed this afternoon at the Justice Campus, in Lisbon, at 3:30 pm, with work being suspended at 4:40 pm.
  • More evidence still arriving: According to lawyers for the three detainees, more evidence collected by the investigation arrived on Thursday afternoon, related to the construction of the new hospital in Funchal, which once again delayed the interrogations.
  • No release for the three detainees: The criminal investigation judge refused to release the three detainees in Operation Zarco, who, 11 days later, will remain in the PJ dungeons, in Lisbon, until the coercive measures are decided
  • The inquiry continues today, from 9:30 am.

Judiciary seized vehicle that won Rally Vinho Madeira:

This latest news was released yesterday by the national newspaper Económico: the Judiciary Police have seized the rally car used by the duo Alexandre Camacho/Pedro Calado in competitions, including the last Rali Vinho Madeira, in what was their 64th victory.

The information says that “the Skoda Fabia Evo Rally2 was seized in Aguiar da Beira at an assistance company with a great tradition in motorsport in Portugal, ARC Sport, one of the companies visited in the 130 home and non-home searches last week”. The seizure arises from the process that is in the corruption investigation phase at the Justice Campus.

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  1. I would be interested to hear their definition of “merit”? It could simply be they have convinced the people in power that they are the only company able to carry out the contracts due to their stranglehold on suppliers and subcontractors or simply that because they are the largest contractor on the island they must by inference be the best!

  2. Did you notice that your post yesterday was reproduced almosot identically by the copy blog. He surely doesn’t believe that nobody notices, although you have to look very closely to spot the differences.

  3. Neither of the two blogs claim to be news gathering publications but both use the sources available. It’s not unreasonable therefore to quite often find almost identical stories. This enables us, the readers to enjoy Madeira news with out any great effort, I for one applaud both these gentlemen for their efforts.

    • The problem is that it is not 50/50 George – the copy blog picks up stories from this on a regular basis, with minimal traffic the other way – the post CarlosP is referring to is actually blatant plagiarism, with only a couple of words changed – have a look before you excuse him – disgraceful and dishonest. The whole “look and feel” has also been replicated.

      • First, stories are copied by both blogs, or as you say, picked up, from the local media. I don’t think either of the two blogs try to be opinion formers. Question, if you decided to start up a third blog, where would you pick up, your stories? Not from either of the two existing blogs, because that would be copying, which would leave you with either trying to become a reporter, investigating your own stories, or copying from the local newspapers the scraps that have not already been used by the two blogs. Talking of plagiarism, if you look at the newspapers you will find that both blogs, in the main, use their text. Plagiarism to my mind is the copying of ideas not the copying and repeating of facts from freely available sources.
        Neither of the two blogs time stamp their stories. Last night about 10.30, I began reading, let’s not be coy, The Madeira Island News, I read an article headed No Public Tender Was Tailored. I looked and couldn’t find the story on this blogs web site. This morning, signing on here, a story, headed, No Public Tender Was Rigged, with Saturdays date stamp. This blogs story, I thought far more informative. This is exactly the sort of thing I get every Saturday when I take both The TImes and The Telegraph.
        As to the “look and feel” I think they are completely different, if asked to describe this site I would say it was, of the two, the broadsheet, the other blog, the tabloid, which is not being derogatory. Let’s be glad there are two blogs. I thank both the originators.

      • Admin, I think Karen’s right, I’ve never seen this blog accused of copying. Because you have used a story from the local press, are you saying you have copyright and the other blog shouldn’t be able to publish it. I could understand if you were writing an opinion piece but not a story available to anyone prepared to buy the local newspaper and translate it. Let’s not get into a competition of when this was said but be glad there are two freely available news sources.

  4. I love reading this blog and keeping informed but think the “copy blog” makes a great effort considering he’s obviously not a native English speaker.


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