Press waiting for Albuquerque


Press waiting for Albuquerque 1

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, is reported by both local papers as already being at Quinta Vigia, having arrived at his official residence at 9:40 am.

So far, the only movements are from the media, which is being seen as ‘heavy’ with various elements from regional, national and social media bodies.

Any developments today will appear here if and when they develop.

 Jaime Filipe Ramos, leader of the PSD-M parliamentary group, meeting with Miguel Albuquerque, as reported by several media outlets are located.

Jaime Filipe Ramos played a crucial role in the first PSD/CDS coalition agreement and last year in the coalition that opened the doors to the PAN through a parliamentary advocacy agreement.

The Diario’s take on the state of play:

Mid-morning, the Diario reports that Miguel Albuquerque’s political network is getting tighter and tighter and apparently, there are only two options left for the current president of the Regional Government: either he leaves on his own, or he submits to a motion of censure against his government, with strong chances this time it will be approved. , which would be an unprecedented case in the Region’s autonomous regime.

“Right now it is 10:23 am and we don’t know what will happen”, a social democratic source told the newspaper, confirming the political pressure and the efforts that have been intense in order to analyze the various scenarios that are on top of the table. One of these was Albuquerque’s own dismissal. 

If this is the path, other destinies open up, one of which involves the presentation of a consensual figure who will be chosen by the social democrats and who will provide guarantees of political government stability – in 1975 this solution was presented with Alberto João Jardim replacing Ornelas Camacho – and in which the PAN could once again make a parliamentary impact agreement viable, as already stated in a statement, moreover, published by DIÁRIO last night. 

The ‘basis’ of the issue, today, will be to find such a consensual figure, however, we are told from behind the scenes by the social democrats that there are several (few) that are being worked on with the assumption that they will deserve trust from the parties of the governance arc [CDS and PAN] and that is convincing enough for the Representative of the Republic [with the approval of the President of the Republic] to accept government continuity without resorting to elections.

If Miguel Albuquerque does not give in to political pressure, that is, if he faces a motion of censure, he will have to wait for what the votes of the deputies in the Legislative Assembly will dictate. According to the Rules of Procedure, it must be approved by 24 votes (absolute majority of deputies exercising their functions). In case of a tie, for example, 23-23 and 1 abstention, the motion does not pass. There must be 24 votes in favour. PSD has 20 deputies; P.S. 11; Together for the People 5; Enough 4; CDS 3; IL 1; BE 1; PAN 1; PCP 1.

Press waiting for Albuquerque 3

Events in Lisbon …

The lawyer for the mayor of Funchal, one of the main defendants in the investigation into corruption in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, arrived this morning at the Criminal Investigation Court, in Lisbon. 

Speaking to journalists at the Justice Campus, Paulo Sá e Cunha stated that he knew “nothing at all” regarding the steps planned for this morning, namely the first judicial interrogation. 

For now, it is known that the defendants must be presented to the investigating judge within a maximum of 48 hours of arrest, otherwise, those involved must be released. 

As Diario has already reported, taking into account the complexity of the case and the strike of judicial employees scheduled for today, in the first phase only the identification of the defendants before the investigating judge should take place, with the judicial interrogation being postponed for a second moment, probably in the next few days. 

These steps are urgent, they are steps taken by detained defendants who have a deadline to appear before the investigating judge, if this legal deadline is not met, naturally the detention situation must end. 

Paulo Sá e Cunha, lawyer 

The only official statement to come out from all the political parties this morning is that PAN will hold a press conference this evening at 7:00 pm.

Speculation mounts that Albuquerque is preparing to resign:

Speculation mounts that Albuquerque is preparing to resign:

The Diario reports that at 2:25 p.m. Albuquerque had just entered Quinta Vigia again after lunch, where, despite this movement, everything continues not to happen.

Developments are awaited, namely the expectation that Miguel Albuquerque, president of the Regional Government, will speak to the media outside Quinta Vigia, but so far nothing.

Remember that at 1:00 pm Albuquerque, who is accused in a case of alleged corruption, left Quinta Vigia for lunch and just said “see you later”. It is believed that in an allusion to the emergency conference the PSD-M has scheduled for 5 pm.

Remember that the PAN demands Albuquerque’s resignation or the appointment of another name to replace him, under penalty of breaking the parliamentary influence agreement.

It is worth remembering that the news is getting thicker, particularly on national television, that Miguel Albuquerque is preparing to resign from his position.

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