Albuquerque resigns – finally

Option taken “in the name of Madeira”

Albuquerque resigns - finally 1

Miguel Albuquerque finally announced his resignation from the Regional Government of Madeira a moment ago (18:30).

An option that he says he took in the name of Madeira and the people of Madeira, whom he served “during the last 30 years”.

He listed the Region’s growth levels in several areas, but understands that future objectives will only be achieved within a framework of “political stability”.

In this sense, he announced that a Regional Council will be held next Monday that will approve the name of the person who will succeed him as president of the coalition Government.

16 thoughts on “Albuquerque resigns – finally”

  1. No need the hysteria of the press and people they need the justice to do their jobs and wait for their conclusions guilty or not guilty. But it seems that many people are very very happy for this to happen independent what they think the PSD party did do a lot for the island economic and social and for the local people at least despite of everything the things are done and finished .

    • It is certainly true that the PSD has done a number of good things for the island. But that does not excuse the abuse of power, the nepotism and the corruption of which many examples are common knowledge. The problem is that many Madeirans who have always voted for the PSD-M simply refuse to see it happen. Nothing new, though. Look at the US where about half the voters refuse to see that Trump is simply a criminal, or the UK, where many Brexit voters refuse to see that Brexit did not and will not bring them what the politicians promised. But now, in Madeira, action to address the ongoing corruption is long overdue. And one thing is certain: Lisbon certainly does not want to be the laughing stock by starting such a large operation if there is no proof that will go somewhere. Now, it is up to the people of Madeira to no longer support potentially corrupt new rulers. Because if they do, they might as well appoint a coalition of the handful of obscenely rich families like the Sousas, Avelinos et al to start a government Saudi style. At least it will save them the trouble of voting.

      • As I have said earlier I don’t know enough to comment but it seems all Brexit supporters were wrong, all Trump supporters wrong and the majority of Madeirans who have voted for the present Government wrong. Meanwhile, Peter, you of course, were right. You have every reason to feel superior.

        • Brexit may not be as bad as some think when you look at the state of the EU. Farmers protesting in France & Germany, long strikes on the railways in Germany, extreme right-wing politics on the rise in several countries etc.

  2. Good-bye-ee! good-bye-ee![
    Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee.
    Tho’ it’s hard to part I know,
    I’ll be tickled to death to go.
    Don’t cry-ee! don’t sigh-ee!
    There’s a silver lining in the sky-ee.
    Bonsoir old thing, cheerio! chin chin!
    Nah-poo! Toodle-oo!

  3. Well what I did see in the last news in Madeira channel 161 they most of the parties don’t want that PSD chose another leader to replace Miguel Albuquerque will end up having elections again and they think it is better the people chose another leader . Complete different from the UK where the Tory party chose another leader to avoid to lose the majority in the the parliament and people oblige to accept the present UK PM.

  4. Can I just express my dismay that a very ‘Maderian’ problem is again being compared to the U.K. / USA and Brexit ?…
    1. In the U.K. we don’t vote for a PM. We vote for a Party. If that party changes its leader, it matters little, the party governs regardless of who is the leader.
    2. If you don’t agree with Brexit, Trump, Tories or the current Madeiran political leadership, then you don’t agree with ‘Democracy’ …. What do you suggest is the alternative ? Why not look at the AfD in Germany, Geert Wilders PVV in Holland or Meloni’s Brothers of Italy …. Would they get your vote ?… so why are they becoming popular…. Have you asked yourself why ?
    3. If your worried about corruption at the highest levels of European Politics, do yourself a favour, look into ‘Qatargate in the EU’ and then come back and tell me we have a problem in the U.K…. I’ll look forward to it.

    Nowhere is perfect… but after spending half my life travelling the globe, I would say the U.K. is up there with the half a dozen places I would choose to put down roots…
    Happy New Year everyone 👍


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