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    5 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. Just tried to send the message below for info, but each time I click send I just get a message saying there was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later. So thought I’d try a comment, instead, in the hope you will read it!

      “Not sure if you already know about this and if so, apologise for my lack of awareness, but this article is in the Guardian today:

      Almost 35,000 Britons in limbo as Portugal fails to issue post-Brexit ID cards

      Thought it would be of interest.”

    2. I hope I’m using the correct platform but, I feel I need to make people, women especially, about an incident which happened to me on the yesterday (1.10pm) on the Rua dos Estados Unidos da America near to the Rua do Canada.
      A man in his 20’s shouted me over to his parked car as I walked past. I thought he was going to ask me for directions! I approached the open window of his passenger door and said ‘Ola’ at which point I noticed that he had his exposed penis in his hand. Whilst looking at me, he then started masturbating.
      I shouted, ‘You dirty bastard’ and then told him I was getting his car number, which I then proceeded to do. He then drove off but, not before I got his car registration number!
      I made a formal report to the Police today, despite the fact they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Portuguese.
      Women need to be aware. Such behaviour can escalate into sexual assault and ultimately rape. Please be aware and if you witness any such incident, please report it to the Police.


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