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Worsening weather conditions for tomorrow

Flights already cancelled

windy.com satellit photo at the moment - tomorrow looks worse
windy.com satellite image at 17:00 tonight

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts worsening weather conditions for tomorrow, warning that wind … Read more

Rain begins to fall

Ribeira Brava and Santa Cruz respond

Ribeira Brava, where heavy rain threatens
Ribeira Brava

In the latest move anticipating the heavy rain that is forecast JM reports that Ribeira Brava City Council have closed the town’s … Read more

Ferry returns early

… in view of “Red” warning

Porto Santo ferry
Porto Santo ferry

Scheduled for 18:00 pm today, the departure of the ferry from Porto Santo has been brought forward to 12:00 pm. This … Read more

Weather: latest forecast

Weather could deteriorate badly tomorrow

Weather forecast from windy.com
Windy.com weather forecast for midday Tuesday

Just heard from Jaime, the blogs resident weather expert, who is not seeing anything to change the recent grim Read more

Yellow warning for prolonged rain

Maritimo lose “weakly”

Rian falling in Funchal as yellow warning extended

the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) has extended the yellow warning for rain in the Madeira archipelago. Starting at 12:00 noon … Read more

Missing fisherman – body found?

… near the mouth of Ribeira do Faial

Missing fisherman - body found near the mouth of Ribeira do Faial - rscue workers on scene

JM reports that early this afternoon a body of a man, possibly the missing fisherman reported earlier on the blog, was found … Read more

Fanzone for critical Maritimo match

1st leg of play-off in Amadora

Maritimo fan zone at Berreiros, Funchal

The Maritimo supporters who will be present, tomorrow, in Amadora, in the suburbs of Lisbon, will have a ‘Fan Zone’. There will also … Read more

Drinking fountains installed

Safe water indicator is 99.1%.

Drinking Fountian

JM reports on the appearance of drinking fountains around Funchal. CMF’s Environment Week, is taking place in Praça do Município and ending next Monday, with … Read more

Weather watch

Moderate to high risk of persistent rain

Windy.com weather forecast for Monday
Monday’s weather forecast

The Diario reports on the anticpated weather, with Madeira expected to face a “moderate to high risk” as a result … Read more

Cows prove popular!

Facebook post goes viral

three cows lying on a roundabout in Serra de Soajo

A photo of three cows lying on a roundabout in Serra de Soajo, in Arcos de Valdevez, has delighted Facebook users.

A photo of the … Read more

More Portuguese moving to Iceland

360 emigrate last year

Iceland landscape

Press agency Lusa reports that the number of Portuguese who emigrated to Iceland in 2022 was the second highest of this century, according to data from … Read more

New canyoning rescue practices

Civil Protection and Firefighters attend summit

JM reports online that the Regional Civil Protection Service was present at the I Canyoning Summit, an event held from May 15 to 20, … Read more

Blue Economy

Region returns €6m to a Scottish lord

Blue Economy conference featured in the press

The main (blue!) photo in the Diario refers to the future of the blue economy – renewable energies that pass through the ocean.  … Read more

Albuquerque maintains lead

Missing fisherman still not found

Albuquerque headline in JM

JM leads with a report that the 3.2% drop between the February and May polls does not affect the current presidential incumbent Miguel Albuquerque’s large … Read more

Atlantic Festival moves

Opening to be part of the Mercado Quinhentista de Machico

Atlantic Festival - photo of firework display

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that the … Read more

120 nationalities in Madeira

Venezuelans, Germans and Brazilians head the list

Nationalities headline in the Diario

The Diario this morning focuses on immigrants, reporting that Venezuelans, Germans and Brazilians lead the foreigners residing in the Region, with citizens of … Read more

New development in the Old Town

Rain damages cherry trees

New development in the Old Town - headline in JM today

JM lead with a report of yet another development in the centre of Funchal. A group led by Tomé Brazão has apparently acquired the area where … Read more

Firefighting budget €2.5m

Helicopter to cost 1.5m

Helicopter in action firefighting

JM reports that the Operational Plan for Combating Rural Fires (POCIR) for the current year, which runs from tomorrow, June 1st, to November 30th, was presented … Read more

Largo do Pelourinho

… opened to the public

Largo do Pelourinho in 1832
Largo do Pelourinho, 1832

The Diario reports online that Largo do Pelourinho, in Funchal, was opened to the public yesterday after the completion of … Read more

Drugs highlighted again

Rain forecast for eight days

Drugs highlighted again on the fron page of JM

Drugs are again making the news in JM today, on a front page that highlights drug addiction. “Money for drugs because food is offered”. Professionals from different … Read more

Orca interractions increase

More boats attacked by killer whales

Press Agency Lusa reports that more than 200 interactions between orcas and boats were recorded in 2022 on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and … Read more

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