Summer days in Spring!

26 degrees forecast

Sunrise in Gaula as summer days make an early appearance
Sunrise above the Desertas

Yesterday saw a glorious day in Madeira, with many areas seeing unbroken “summer” sunshine, and today is forecast to be similar, with the … Read more

Madeira exempted from new AL regulations

New legislation details emerge today

Lisbon, where AL will be curtailed

The Madeira Resident reports that the Portuguese government’s latest version of its ‘Mais Habitação’ (More Housing) programme including changes to AL was presented this afternoon … Read more

TAP strike cancelled

Pilots call off Easter strike

TAP strike - the flag-carriers planes will get off the ground

The news that the impending TAP strike has been called off will be a relief for people travelling to and from Madeira and the mainland … Read more

Madeiran accountant jailed

The “Pirate” sets off again

Madeiran accountant jailed headline

The Diario leads with a report that a Madeiran, insolvency administrator who gained national prominence 23 years ago, when he took legal action against Benfica, … Read more

Star Wars departs Madeira

… after two weeks of filming ‘The Acolyte’

Star Wars props leaving Madeira

JM reports that after long and intense days of work filming a new Star Wars series in various locations on the island … Read more

Regional products promoted

Madeira Mesa Rural Project

regional product Anona

The Diario reports that regional products of quality will be recognised today Madeira Mesa Rural Project, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural … Read more

Zero VAT “worth little”

… according to consumer group

JM headline o Zero VAT

JM leads with the headline that the savings resulting from the application of Zero VAT on food products considered essential will not be significant, but … Read more

BA to cancel Easter flights

… as security staff strike

BA plane at Funchal Airport

The Telegraph reports that BA is to cancel dozens of flights over the Easter period because of a 10-day strike by security staff.

Short-haul journeys … Read more

‘Madeira needs a cleaning’

TAP resumes Porto Santo flights

The biggest graphic highlight on the front page of the Diario goes to the interview with André Ventura, Deputy of the Assembly of the Portuguese … Read more

0% VAT for 44 products

… until October

0% VAT for 44 products  headline in JM

JM reports that the Government of the Republic, distributors and producers announced yesterday the list of foods with 0% VAT, as reported here. Prices will be … Read more

NRP Mondego: another setback

Alleged malfunction delays departure to Selvagens

NRP Mondego in port last night

The Portuguese Navy ship NRP Mondego, which was scheduled to depart for the Selvagens Islands at the end of today, was still in Funchal … Read more

Ryanair Petitions EU

to ensure overflights during French ATC strikes

Ryanair petition

Low-cost carrier Ryanair is asking EU travellers to support a petition it believes to be important. The petition calls for the EU Commission … Read more

easyJet Portugal: new routes

but “limited growth”

easyJet planes

easyJet will operate 27 new routes in the summer from Portugal, some being the ‘slots’ it won from TAP in Lisbon, a “momentary opportunity” that the airline … Read more

0% VAT list revealed

“Essential goods” – details emerging

Supermarket items that could move to 0%  VAT

Following the list revealed yesterday by SIC commentator and former leader of the Social Democratic Party, Marques Mendes, identifying the first of the foods that … Read more

Madeira raises fuel tax

Motorcyclists support health professionals

Madeira raises fuel tax
Rising fuel tax headlines in JM

JM leads this morning with the headline that the Regional Government has decided to raise fuel tax – the tax … Read more

Toxic metals found in cereals

Portugal thrash Luxembourg 6-0

Toxic metals found in cereals - headline in the Diario

The Diario leads this morning with the story that toxic metals have been detected in cereals in Madeira.  A scientific study identified the presence of cadmium … Read more

Ryanair transports 700,000

… in first year

Ryanair transports 700,000 headline in JM

JM reports that on the eve of completing a year of operation on Madeiran soil, Ryanair has already handled around 700,000 passengers. The low-cost airline currently … Read more

Basic food basket up 21%

… in just one year

The Diario headlines that the price of a basic food basket has risen 21% in one year is the subject that makes the headlines of the … Read more

Calls to clean up corruption in Madeira

Inquiry reveals institutional complicity

The president of Chega, who said yesterday  that he wants to clean up Madeira in terms of corruption.

JM reports that the president of Chega said yesterday evening that he wants to clean up Madeira in terms of corruption. Chega is a national conservative, … Read more

Star Wars depart

Filming in Madeira ends

Star Wars props being shipped from Caniçal

JM reports that after having generated a great frenzy across the island, the recordings of the series ‘The Acolyte’, from Star Wars, are really coming to … Read more

Portugal plans zero VAT for essentials

Items yet to be determined

Continente, which is working with the government to keep prices lower and VAT rates reduced

Bloomberg reports that Portugal plans to introduce a VAT rate of zero for a basket of essential food products as it tries to ease the … Read more

Strikes threaten Easter

Airlines plan disruption

Strikes threaten Easter headline in JM

Unusually, JM is following this blog, headlining the strikes that are threatening the Easter holiday in Madeira. TAP and easyJet strike notices during the Easter season are … Read more

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