16 New Police Vehicles Delivered to PSP in Madeira

Monte tree fall defendants acquitted

16 New Police Vehicles Delivered to PSP in Madeira 2

16 new police vehicles were delivered to the Regional Command of the Public Security Police (PSP), within the scope of the Collaboration protocol with the … Read more

Monte Tree Fall Ruling Today

PSD-M Prepares for Early Elections

Newspapers anticipate Monte Tree Fall Ruling Today

Monte tree fall decision today

The reading of the ruling in the case of the fall of a tree – the “Monte Tree Fall” – … Read more

Read-aloud technology

New Webcam

blog now features read-aloud technology and a new Webcam has gone live

Some users (with nothing better to do!) may have spotted that with the introduction of AI we have also been able to add a voice generator so that … Read more

Temperature 4°C above usual in January in Madeira

São Vicente sees a maximum: 28.4 °C

Temperature 4°C above usual in January in Madeira, with Sao Vicente seeing the maximum temperature at 28.4°C
São Vicente Beach, from Visit Madeira

The month of January was warmer than usual in Madeira, recording an average air temperature that … Read more

Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU

… not just a piece of Ukrainian territory

Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU 20

“I deeply believe and Ukraine has already demonstrated that when it is equipped with the necessary means, it can repel invaders”, says … Read more

Albuquerque sets date for party elections

Drug dealer fails to check in

Elections fixed for PSD-M

The ruling coalition party PSD-M advances to direct elections on March 21st with Miguel Albuquerque as a candidate and, they claim, without fear of … Read more

Albuquerque to be re-elected?

Former leader offers to become the new leader

Miguel Albuquerque

Miguel Albuquerque revealed a few moments ago that he will “almost certainly” be a candidate for the PSD-M election, a party that … Read more

Coalition split?

Political crisis does not delay the new hospital

Coalition split - headlines in JM

Coalition split possible: there are reports in JM that, faced with a strong possibility of early elections, the desire among some of … Read more

Calado surrenders all positions

Former Mayor returns to Madeira

Calado arriving at the airport

Pedro Calado’s return to Madeira, after 22 days of detention in Lisbon, makes today’s headline see in this morning’s JM, with the title ‘Calado leaves … Read more

The dangers of Praia Formosa – first hand

Two young boys have a dramatic escape

Praia Formosa yesterday afternoon

Having been writing this blog for more than 12 years now, it has been strange that over the last 12 months, I have … Read more

Dissolution decision passed to Lisbon

Dissolution decision passed to Lisbon 60

The Representative of the Republic for Madeira, Ireneu Barreto, has already met with the President of the Republic today according to the press. This meeting with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa … Read more

Politics, Corruption, and Weather Updates in Madeira

Latest News and Forecasts

Politics makes headlines in Madeira

As suspected politics is everywhere, and will remain so for some time as the corruption story is swept under the carpet and electioneering takes over, with … Read more

Calado returns to Madeira today

Large press presence expected

Pedro Calado, speaking prior to corruption charges
Pedro Calado

The press reports that 25 days after the beginning of a nightmare that deprived him of his freedom, which was only restored last Wednesday, … Read more

Corruption investigation continues

“the process will not stop here”

Luis Neves explains the process will not stop here in the fight against corruption
Luis Neves: “the process will not stop here”.

“The case is neither closed nor archived.” These are the words of the national director of … Read more

Calado remains out of sight

… believed to be on the mainland

Pedro Calado

The former mayor of Funchal is spending the day after his release with close family according to the press.

JM is aware that … Read more

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