Travel latest: entering and leaving Madeira

Arrivals and Departure signs denoting entering and leaving Madeira

Latest requirements to enter and leave Madeira

Following on from the UK’s latest announcement today, it may be useful for some visitors to understand the exact procedures and requirements when entering and leaving Madeira and returning to the UK.

As rules change this post will remain updated – so if anybody has a question or wants ............ more

Taxi drivers guaranteed support

Taxi drivers meeting the regional secretary

… to face the competition

JM reports that the Regional Secretary for Economy guaranteed support for taxi drivers while speaking at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the TAXISRAM association, in Nazaré yesterday.

Rui Barreto, who began by thanking the many taxi drivers present for their decades-long work in the service ............ more

Volcanic gas to arrive in Med tomorrow

Volcanic gas cloud

Sulphur Dioxide from La Palma to reach the Mediterranean

Volcanic gas update: Açoriano Oriental reports that the volcanic eruption in La Palma, in the Canaries, is emitting a high amount of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, which is expected to reach a large part of the territory of Spain on Friday, as ............ more

Parties tied in Funchal

Tight rave in Funchal headline

Latest poll shows a tighter race

In contrast to the opinion poll by JM reported here just yesterday, the other leading newspaper in the Region reports on a closely tied race to become the next Mayor of Funchal, with voting due this Sunday.

The Diario reports on an opinion poll conducted by Eurosondagem showing the incumbent Mayor, ............ more

Portugal supports France against AUKUS

Portugal supports France in opposition to Australian move on submarines

Portugal “conveys solidarity” with France

Press Agency Lusa reports that the Portuguese Foreign Minister has stated that he believes Australia has “broken commitments” with France, and that Portugal has already conveyed solidarity with the country.

 ............ more

PortoSantense ferry fare set

The Porto Santo ferry, which the Portosantense will benefit from using

Residents to pay €10.70 to travel to Madeira

JM reports that the regional secretary of Finance, Rogério Gouveia, has made an announcement regarding the extension of the Porto Santo Mobility Allowance to residents of the golden island, and said that Portosantenses would have to pay €10.70 to travel by sea to Madeira Island.

As the government ............ more

Vaccination target could be missed

Vaccination delivery

Changing face of expats

The Diario reports that the Regional Government’s vaccination target – having 85% of the population fully vaccinated by the end of this month as previously reported here – is looking ambitious.

A further 17,300 people are required to have their second dose, meaning a daily target ............ more

Social Democrats ahead

Headline featuring Social Democrat lead

‘Funchal Semper à Frente’ coalition lead in opinion poll

JM lead this morning with an opinion poll showing that Social Democrat Pedro Calado has a 9% advantage over Miguel Silva Gouveia in the forthcoming municipal elections for Funchal City Hall. Of the 1,200 respondents, 38.8% prefer the ‘Funchal Semper à Frente’ coalition against 28.8% ............ more

easyJet adds 8,000 seats in October

easyJet plane taking off from Madeira airport
Madeira airport

… to Madeira from mainland

JM report that during the month of October, easyJet will offer more than eight thousand additional seats on flights to Funchal, from Porto and Lisbon, according to an announcement from the budget airline today.

In addition to these, over the next month, the company will also have additional capacity ............ more

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