Area burned in Madeira

… is the lowest for 17 years

Area burned in Madeira

The Diario reports that the area burned in 2021 in Madeira as a result of forest fires was the lowest for at least … Read more

Continente launch new promo

“Good for Madeira”

Continente launch new promo - headline in JM

JM reports online that #BomParaAMadeira is the signature of the new multimedia campaign that Continente is developing in the region, as a way of celebrating their activity … Read more

Germany may enter recession

Unexpected decrease in German GDP

German economy - graphic

Reuters report that the German economy unexpectedly shrank in the fourth quarter, data showed on Monday, a sign that Europe’s largest economy may be entering … Read more

Ryanair: prices up for Easter

… as profit forecast rises to €1.325bn – €1.425bn

Ryanair, who predict prices up for Easter

Ryanair said surging demand will push air travel prices up in time for the Easter holidays, just days after Flybe went … Read more

50 years of Autonomy

Unemployment higher in smaller municipalities

Autonomy headline in the Diario

The issue of “celebrating 50 years of Autonomy” is one of the pictorial highlights of this Monday’s edition of the Diario. The President of Parliament … Read more

Cold until Thursday

Negative temperatures at Pico do Areeiro

Cold until Thursday headline in JM

JM reports that the cold, which has affected Madeira, will remain until Thursday. This is according to the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, forecasts. … Read more

Lidl at Cruz Vermelha

Project can be housing only

Lidl headline in JM

The controversial LIDL project in Largo Severiano Ferraz, in the upper part of Funchal city centre, refused by the Municipality of Funchal, Câmara Municipal … Read more

Master Plan suspension criticised

Move will allow larger areas of commercial developments

Master Plan suspension being criticised at Praia Formosa
Confiança coalition at Praia Formosa

JM reports that the Confiança coalition condemned, this Saturday, the announced intention to suspend the urban master … Read more

Madeira leads in arresting drink-drivers

Call for free pet sterilizations

Drink-drivers headline in the Diario

The Diario leads with the headline that the region remains ahead in the arrest of drivers with alcohol. Madeira has had the highest ratio in … Read more

Flybe collapses again

All flights cancelled

Flybe plane

Various media outlets report this morning that Flybe has collapsed and cancelled all flights, with 277 of 321 jobs lost. The airline has gone into administration less … Read more

EU support for beekeepers promised

109,000 kilos of honey produced annually

beekeepers at work

The government will channel support from Brussels to beekeepers in Madeira – this is the promise of the regional secretary for Agriculture and Rural … Read more

Madeira top 3 value for winter sun

€149.53 for every hour of sunshine gained

Total cost of a holiday for 2
Sunshine hours gained over London
Average winter sun hours reports that a holiday in Madeira … Read more

“Historic” minimum wage increase

8.6% increase agreed

The Portugal News reports from Madeira that “we are facing the biggest increase in the regional minimum wage since 2015. This is a historic increase”, according to … Read more

Tourist dies at Cascata dos Anjos

Tour operators still take groups of tourists

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that a tourist died today, … Read more

Portugal gets new weather supercomputer

20 times more powerful

weather supercomputer

The new weather supercomputer, “High-resolution Spatial and Temporal Atmosphere Ocean Modeling System – ‘Atlântico’”, multiplies the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMARead more

easyJet use a Greek island to promote Madeira

Ad campaign uses wrong photo

easyJet use a Greek island to promote Madeira

The Diario reports that the intention was good as easyJet sought, in recent days, to promote the cheap trips that the airline offers to the … Read more

Most expats feel European

… and don’t want to leave

Most UK expats living in the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland who are covered by the Brexit agreement say they feel European and … Read more

Tax disputes fall

Call for inquiry into corruption claims

Tax headline in the Diario

The headlines in the Diario refer to the decrease in tax litigation in the Region. Figures from the Funchal Administrative and Tax Court point, … Read more

Dell heads for Ribeira Brava

Airport must pay local tax

Dell heads for Ribeira Brava - headline in JM

JM reports that the American IT giant Dell, which has 165,000 workers worldwide, is preparing to set up shop in Ribeira Brava. The revelation, made … Read more

TAP offer Madeira promo

Return trips from €49

TAP offer Madeira promo

TAP has launched a promotional campaign with round-trip flights to Madeira starting at €49 for bookings made prior to the 1st of February and travel until … Read more

Madeira Artificial Intelligence Centre

with 50 staff in Santa Cruz

Madeira Artificial Intelligence Centre

The Artificial Intelligence Center of Madeira, opened in Santa Cruz, represents an investment of over 1 million euros. Located in the Ribeira da Boaventura … Read more

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