Star Wars departs Madeira

… after two weeks of filming ‘The Acolyte’

Star Wars props leaving Madeira

JM reports that after long and intense days of work filming a new Star Wars series in various locations on the island of Madeira, all staff and equipment left the Region this Tuesday, with a feeling of accomplishment.

Dozens of people linked to what the newspaper describes as a “mega-production” arrived in Madeira on the afternoon of the 12th of March, on a flight chartered for the purpose.

After having generated a great frenzy across the island, the recordings of the series ‘The Acolyte’, from Star Wars, have come to an end, and now the world is waiting for the premiere, which will bring the Region to the attention of a worldwide audience, through images captured in various locations from north to south of the island, notably featuring Caniçal, Fanal, Ribeira da Janela and Porto Moniz.

The Acolyte is part of the Star Wars franchise, set at the end of the High Republic era, 100 years before the events of the main Star Wars films.

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Star Wars departs Madeira 1

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