Madeira to feature in new Star Wars film

40 containers arrive

Star Wars filming - containers arriving

The Diario reports online that some of Madeira’s landscapes will serve as a backdrop for the new film in the ‘Star Wars’ series,

The newspaper reports online that some regional media, namely RTP Madeira and Antena 1, are reporting that filming will take place both on the North coast and on the South coast of the Island.

For the collection of images, that reveal the same sources, several elements of the production team of the new Star Wars film will be in Madeira until the end of March.

Given the size of the project, there will be significant manpower on the ground, and the filming will have to cause some constraints on the road system. In the publication, they refer to a notice from the Regional Directorate of Roads, regarding the closure of Regional Road 214, from Quinta do Lorde to the roundabout in Baia de Abra, between the 11th and 14th of this month, a situation that they say, quoting, to be motivated “by the filming of a series with international notoriety and of strategic interest for the Region”.

Some structures are already being assembled on-site for the new Star Wars film. JM has photos of 40 containers arriving in Madeira:

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  1. Oh dear. I suppose that area will now be turned into a tourist theme park, or some such, for Star Wars fans and you’ll attract even more tourists by putting on “Star Wars” tours!

  2. Madeira has already lost its charm? What are you on about? It’s just another island same as others in the region full of tourists drugs and criminals.


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