Star Wars stars arrive

Film production ramps up quickly

Star wars extras arriving

JM reports online that this afternoon, dozens of people arrived in the Region who will work on the Star Wars saga, whose filming will take place in Madeira until the end of the month.

The main actors and actresses of the series were the first to leave the plane and, at an accelerated pace, entered four vans, which went to the Caniçal area, where the first scenes will be recorded. Still others remain at the airport and head to the various filming locations.

In addition to the actors, in Madeira there are also the various backstage departments, producers, directors, camera operators and all those who will guarantee the operation.

Several cargo cars will transport the luggage of the dozens of professionals who are involved in the Star Wars filming and who arrived in the Region on a chartered flight.

Earlier today the same newspaper had photographers out across the island to record preparation for the filming:

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  1. Extremely annoying to be treated like this
    Coming down Rua das Feiteirinhas today from a levada walk to get to Canical we were stopped by two black clad persons. Got really angry, when they demanded to see private photos on one of our iPhones. When asked what they were doing, they said something about filming, but showed no police id card or anything. It is surely not legal. We hope that this is not the way you treat tourists coming here to walk along the levadas. We find it disturbing to see that something like this can happen. But perhaps Star Wars is really taking over Madeira, from all those tourists paying for the upkeep.


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