Covid 19: cases continue to fall

872 cases and 4 deaths last week

Pedro Ramos giving a Covid update
Health Secretary Pedro Ramos speaking yesterday

The Autonomous Region of Madeira recorded 872 positive cases of Covid-19 and four deaths associated with the infection between 26 July and 1 August, the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health (DGS) reported this Friday in its weekly national report on the epidemiological situation from the Region.

According to the document, available on the DGS’ online platform, Madeira recorded a decrease of 137 infections by Covid and three deaths. compared to the previous week, between 19 and 25 July.

Infections down 67%

This morning, the regional secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, working with local figures that have never been in complete agreement with those published at a national level, revealed that Madeira registered 4,940 infections in July, a reduction of almost 67% compared to the previous month.

In the accounts presented by the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, which should be included in last month’s Epidemiological Surveillance Bulletin, which has not yet been made public, Madeira went from 14,730 new cases of covid-19 in June to 4,940 new infections identified in July, translating into a reduction of almost 67%. The decline in positivity in the asymptomatic network also contributed to these numbers, which dropped from 6.16 to 5.15.

The number of deaths also dropped, from 55 deaths associated with Covid-19 in June, to 35 deaths last month.

The average number of patients hospitalized in services dedicated to this disease also decreased from 81 to 51.

Covid: continued improvement in July

Pedro Ramos notes, therefore, that although last month there were many activities, concerts and gatherings, “the month of July continues to be a month of improvement compared to the previous month in the epidemiological surveillance of covid-19 and that gives us some security for the coming months and essentially for this August holiday month”.

Update: Friday August 12

Between August 2 and 8, according to data released today. Madeira recorded 808 cases (62 less) and four deaths (the same number) compared to last week), according to DGS data.

Over the same period, Portugal as a whole registered 19,643 infections with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, 62 deaths associated with Covid-19, and maintained a decrease in hospitalizations, indicated the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

According to the DGS weekly epidemiological report, published every Friday, there were 1,615 fewer infections and six fewer deaths in the period under review compared to the previous week.

Update: Friday August 19

The Autonomous Region of Madeira recorded 700 positive cases of Covid-19 and three deaths associated with the infection between 9 and 15 August, informed the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) this Friday, 19 August, in its weekly report on the country’s epidemiological situation.

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Covid 19: cases continue to fall 1

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