Albuquerque sets date for party elections

Drug dealer fails to check in

Elections fixed for PSD-M

The ruling coalition party PSD-M advances to direct elections on March 21st with Miguel Albuquerque as a candidate and, they claim, without fear of the ongoing judicial process, which it says was “triggered by allegations with a political nature”.

The coalition with their coalition CDS party is a theme for the “new direction”. The internal opposition only has until the 29th of this month to organize itself as it seeks to distance itself from its former partner, who they now view as “disgraced” according to Eco.

The elections is the news that makes today’s headline in your JM, on a front page that highlights a trade. Almost half a century generating music. Master guitarist Carlos Jorge Pereira dedicated his life to building various instruments. Now, in the company of his son, he assures JM that art will never end.

Drug dealer arrested again

After being arrested twice during January on the island of Porto Santo through the PSP (Security Police) Operational Subunit based there, for the crime of drug trafficking, “the defendant was imposed the obligation to report daily to the Police Station in the area of ​​his residence.

The man ended up being detained by the Machico Police Division, in “compliance with arrest warrants issued by the competent Judicial Authority, they arrested the 32-year-old Portuguese citizen, born and residing in Porto Santo, who is indicted for the crime of trafficking of narcotics, after having repeatedly violated the coercive measure to which he was subject”, announced the PSP.

After being presented for judicial interrogation, the most serious measure of coercion was applied to him, in this specific case, the measure of preventive detention, revealed the PSP in a statement.

The defendant “violated the coercive measures that were repeatedly imposed on him, as a result of which arrest warrants were issued by the Honorable Criminal Investigation Judge, for presentation of the defendant detained for the purposes of applying more serious coercive measures for further interrogation, having the citizen was located in the parish of Caniçal, in Machico, where his arrest was completed”.

the PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública)

As reported by JM, this man had already been detained several times on Ilha Dourada, where he is from. During the process, considerable quantities of bloom, gorby, hashish and cocaine were seized, as well as some cash. No doubt he will be out soon.

Strikes me that if the authorities cannot control known drug dealers living here they have little chance of winning the war against drugs in the archipelago.

Albuquerque sets date for party elections 1

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  1. Remember this is a JM article. JM is a government-funded newspaper. A PSD-M dominated-government-funded newspaper. So, part of the PSD-M propaganda machine. Several grains of salt are required while reading this.

  2. Peter, I assume you refer to the shareholdings of the Blandy’s and DeSouza. We have the UAE attempt to take over both the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator magazine at the moment, which I hope the UK Government will not allow.


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