Albuquerque to be re-elected?

Former leader offers to become the new leader

Miguel Albuquerque

Miguel Albuquerque revealed a few moments ago that he will “almost certainly” be a candidate for the PSD-M election, a party that will almost certainly continue in power, even after all the political controversy and corruption allegations of recent weeks.

JM reports that the president of the Madeiran Social Democrats who resigned just days ago does not find any obstacles to this, as Albuquerque reinforces that he was “never” bought by anyone and believes he has all the conditions to continue leading the party.

Albuquerque to be re-elected? 1

Here we go again!

Albuquerque to be re-elected? 3

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10 thoughts on “Albuquerque to be re-elected?”

  1. No evidence just a poorly executed media campaign. One of the foundations of a democracy is the principal of presumption of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The alternative is too awful to contemplate. Eg Putin, Trump, Xi, Burma’s military…..

    Just look at the results of Brexit for an example of how mass hysteria and lies hurts an economy and especially the poor.

      • An old saying, with an equivalent in every language. Also an extremely dangerous one. What it really says is ‘guilty until proven innocent’.
        Understand me well, I am convinced that Albuquerque is guilty, and there is a lot of circumstantial evidece, the problem is that it won’t hold up in court.

    • Well said ..
      It’s more like..who you know here … most places in the world ..
      With the odd envelope now and again from top of the pile to the desk jockey at the bottom…

      It’s just a big shake up a aware the new political powers ull be watched and accused when things don’t go to plan


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