Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU

… not just a piece of Ukrainian territory

Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU 1

“I deeply believe and Ukraine has already demonstrated that when it is equipped with the necessary means, it can repel invaders”, says the Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho. “Putin doesn’t just want a piece of territory, he wants to destroy the EU”, according to a report by press agency Lusa, who interviewed him in Brussells. Cravinho was Minister of National Defence in Prime Minister António Costa’s 1st Government, since October 2018, and in his second Government.

The Portuguese Minister has stated that he believes that Ukraine can win the war. “It’s an existential challenge for Europe because Putin doesn’t just want a piece of Ukrainian territory, Putin wants to destroy the European project and that’s why it’s essential that we don’t allow him to win the case in Ukraine”

About to end his term, given the legislative elections in March, the head of Portuguese diplomacy stressed that “if Putin achieves his objectives in Ukraine, (…) he will not stop in Ukraine”. “If we are unable to demonstrate in Ukraine our determination to defend what we value, then it is natural that there will be a disintegration of the European project and that is purely what is at stake”, he reinforced.

Asked if he still believes in a Ukrainian victory, when today marks two years since the Russian invasion, João Gomes Cravinho said: “ I believe deeply and Ukraine has already demonstrated that when it is equipped with the necessary means, it can repel the invaders”.

“No decent regime would accept thousands and thousands of deaths for every meter square of territory”

Furthermore, he stressed, “ Russia has also demonstrated its high military incompetence and the territorial gains it has achieved are, in fact, very small, which were made at a cost that no decent regime would accept of thousands and thousands of deaths for every meter square of territory”.

The critical stance towards Moscow by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs (MNE) comes four days after the announcement of the death of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny. “We cannot have illusions about what happened. When Putin kills Navalny, he does so by looking at the rest of the world and saying: Look what I can do, it is the nature of the regime that is being exposed here. And he also does so looking at the Russian people themselves, saying: Be careful because the destiny of those who want to oppose is this”, said João Gomes Cravinho.

And he highlighted: “When we are faced with a dictatorship like the Russian one, when we are faced with the relentlessness of a dictator who destroys all his adversaries and opponents, who is afraid of them and therefore feels the need to destroy them – whether by force – them into exile, arresting them or killing them — (…) I believe that what we have to do is say [that] we will not accept this dictator coming to bother Europe”.

Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU 3

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Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU 5

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4 thoughts on “Portugal: Putin wants to destroy the EU”

  1. Russia has always been under the heels of despotic rulers from the Tsars to the communists and now Putin. Possibly he has gone a step too far in assassinating Navalny. Humiliation has rained down on Russia thanks to Putin and his cronies and 🤞fingers crossed a coup may remove them. Another worry is the moronic Trump who is intent on turning American’s backs on Europe and inviting the Russians to do as they please.

    I see young people having kids and wonder why they want to bring children into a world that is going to explode into global wars. North versus South Korea; China and Taiwan; Iran and Israel; Russia and the West; Argentina and Britain(Falkland islands) etc etc

  2. Not a lot of difference, Soviet Union verses European Union, both run by unelected autocrats, hovering up as many states as possible , a single currency, laws and taxes money controlled by a central politburo, every day more and more powers stripped from member states and shipped to Brussels, this wasn’t the idea of the common market which was the bait to fool its members that cross union trade would be simpler with less paperwork and more prosperity , so why is there so much debt ? Farmers protesting about paperwork and regulations etc etc, give it time like all empires it’s people will seek freedom to self govern for its own people and control its own borders

    • If you really think there is not a lot of difference between Russia and the EU, try living in Russia right now. If you survive, you will see a ver6 distinct difference!


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