Child vaccinations next month

Vaccinations for 5-11-year-olds planned

Child vaccination

Child vaccinations: The Diario reports that Madeira expects to receive 7,500 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 in December to start administering to children aged between 5 and 11, the Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos announced yesterday.

Although the opinion of the European Medicines Agency on vaccination for these age groups, initially scheduled for yesterday, has not yet been released, the government official reaffirmed, in a press conference, that Madeira is prepared to vaccinate 14,715 children aged between 5 and 11 years.

“In this sense, and while we wait, the first shipment of vaccines, the result of the first meeting I had this morning … the first shipment of vaccines to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old, will arrive in Portugal on December 20 and there will be around 300,000 doses,” he explained, adding that 7,500 doses are for Madeira.

“The vaccines are scheduled to arrive on December 20. If they arrive in Madeira two days later, if the logistics allow this to be a reality, we are in good condition, with 7,500 first doses, to vaccinate 50% of this population”, he guaranteed, indicating that priority will be given to children with comorbidities.

Pedro Ramos explained that the vaccines for children will be from Pfizer, they have a different dosage than for adults and the two doses will be administered with an interval of 21 days.

The regional secretary also called for parents to take their children – “a reservoir of the disease” – to get the vaccine, arguing that “international bodies and experts are recommending” vaccination of this group age and “finally begin to reach consensus”.

In making the case for child vaccinations the Health in the archipelago also mentioned that, among the 1,083 cases of covid-19 registered in November, “11% are children”.

Number of cases accelarating

Child vaccinations next month 1

After speaking about child vaccinations, Pedro Ramos recalled that the number of covid-19 cases in Madeira has been increasing, advancing that the region now registers more than 100 new cases of covid-19 – see previous post

According to the regional secretary, 108 transmission chains are currently active. In the area of ​​health, there are 31 active cases, in residential structures for the elderly and similar 45 active cases and in schools in the region, he highlighted.

Regarding the hospital response, Pedro Ramos recalled that there are 15 beds in intensive care at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, which can rise to 50, ensuring that there are means for a rapid reorganization of services.

“But I don’t think we’re going to get to that point because the population will behave properly as it always has,” he added. The Diario observes that Madeira is leading the way nationally in terms of hospitalisations due to Covid – accounting for 10% of the total nationally.

Pedro Ramos once again said that “the pandemic is not over”, urging the population to wear a mask and to undergo regular tests.

According to data released on Tuesday by the Regional Health Directorate, Madeira recorded two more deaths for the fourth consecutive day, raising the number of deaths to 93, and reported 62 new cases, in a total of 544 active infections in the archipelago.

That day, 57 people were admitted to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, four of them in the intensive care unit.

The figure later went up to an alarming 103 yesterday – more details on the link below as usual.

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  1. Please, people, parents, save the children! They are at no risk from whatever Covid is, and they are NOT “a reservoir”. The most eminent, ethical medical and scietific experts, are insisting that children are NOT given these experimental gene injections.
    There is no scientific, medical or social basis or justification for “vaccinating” children (or anyone else for that matter).
    Parents need to inform temselves fully and properly before submitting their children to this dangerous and harmful experiment. The injections are irreversible, they can not be undone. Parents will be responsible for the harm they unnecessarily inflicted on their children.
    Listen to the pleas of the honest, responsbile and well meaning doctors and medical scientists. Do not have your children vaccinated. notice of liability sent to European Medicines Agency (EMA) Sept. 2021

  2. Leave the children alone this is evil they are just children for god’s sake with a long life ahead experimental covid vaccines is not the answer and may couse longterm illnesss !! Parents stand up and say no before it’s to late.


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