Madeira now has 103 daily cases!

Situation degenerates seriously

Coronavirus, with the number of cases daily rising seriously

The the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE has just announced this evening that there have been 103 new infections of SARS-CoV-2 reported in Madeira over the last 24 hours. These are 13 imported cases (no breakdown at the moment, and no separate figures for cruise ship passengers that have disembarked) and 90 of local transmission.

There are 38 patients recorded as recovered, with the Region accounting for 607 active infections, of which 44 are imported and 563 are of local transmission.

Update November 25:

Today thankfully sees a reduced number of 56 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in the Region. These are 2 imported cases (1 from Spain and 1 from France) and 54 of local transmission. There are 44 more recovered.

Update November 26:

Today sees 101 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in the Region. These are 3 imported cases (1 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Switzerland and 1 from Germany) and 98 of local transmission. There are another 68 recovered, with Madeira accounting for 651 active cases, of which 37 are imported and 614 are of local transmission.

Update November 27:

The Bulletin issued this Saturday afternoon by the Regional Directorate of Health, reports that there are over 96 new cases of infection in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in the last 24 hours.

Region now accounts for 100 deaths

Earlier this morning, two deaths were announced “a man and a woman, both 81 years old”, and later in the afternoon two more women, 57 and 95 years old, all with “associated comorbidities”, according to the press release, which specify that the deaths occurred at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.

The graphics below from the Diario represents the number of new cases recorded daily since the start of the year:

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17 thoughts on “Madeira now has 103 daily cases!”

  1. How close is Madeira to going into lockdown again ? at least then there was no stupid time consuming restrictions like now it was simple stay at home go out for food shopping and excise.

  2. It’s the seasonal flu. The PCR test can’t make the difference from flu from Covid. That’s why WHO recommends to drop the PCR tests by end of this year.

    All this fuss is useless. The governments just wants to control people.

      • Exactly. The world hasn’t stopped before for normal flu, even if it’s as “deadly” as Covid. In Madeira, only 0,03% of a population of 250 000 people have died of Covid. That’s flu level mortality.

        It’s normal that old people with other health issues die. Of course, it’s sad, but that’s life. There’s no reason to panic about it.

  3. 103 cases in a day ! you could compare it to the UK (pop70 million) 40.000 new cases a day.
    Or with greater Tokyo in Japan (pop 38 million ) very worried because they have had 100 new cases in the last week !!!!!

    How do they do it ? well they never shake hands/ hug/ kiss on cheek, anyone they are not married to ! They always bow at a social distance and always normally wear masks (without being told ) if they suspect there is any chance they have an infection.
    Yes they may shake hands with foreigners out of politness, but I suspect they always go and wash their hands with disnfectant soap, as soon as possible. That and a healthy diet ( virtually sugar free) is why they live 10 years longer than UK citizens.
    They also closed the borders at the start to all non Japanese, opened last week to business people only ( If I assume fully jabbed and tested)

    • That’s an anti-parasitic treatment providing no defence against a VIRUS. Stuff claiming that ivermectin is beneficial for treating and preventing COVID-19 are not backed by credible scientific evidence.

  4. Some people now say that it is difficult to differentiate between flu and covid.
    So that means that in the last years the flu was as much life treathening as covid.
    Therefore, let’s wear masks, use alcohol gel or soap, get flu AND covid vaccins, lockdown when necessary, social distancing when possible.
    Do that against – choose – the flue, covid, or both.
    What more is there to discuss?


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