New restrictive measures in Portugal

Mainland to follow Madeira’s example

Prime minister explaining new measures in September
Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa announcing Council of Ministers conclusions when numbers dropped in September

The mainland edition of Diário de Notícias reports that the COVID-19 pandemic is once again the main theme of the Council of Ministers in Lisbon. After hearing opinions, the Government is preparing to announce new pandemic mitigation measures.

These include the return of border control, return of digital certificate requirement for access to restaurants, mandatory mask at major events (soccer games, for example) and commercial spaces, reinforcement of testing needs, reinforcement of the vaccination operation – and reinforced recommendation to return from telecommuting.

In light of the rising numbers of the covid-19 pandemic, the Council of Ministers is expected to announce today new mitigation measures. Yesterday, the prime minister completed the round of meetings with the parliamentary parties that he had started on Tuesday.

The Portugal News reports that at the end of the Infarmed meeting last week, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa – flanked by the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Ferro Rodrigues, and by the Prime Minister, António Costa – stated that there continues to be a “full combination of political bodies ” in response to covid-19, but declined to speak of measures, referring this decision to the Government, after consulting the parties – which he has been doing over the last two days.

As for the measures to be adopted, the head of state said that “the experts presented what they considered essential for this phase” and that “the decision on this matter will naturally belong to the Government”, which “will listen to the political parties and will decide”.

The politician who spoke of the return of border control was the assistant secretary-general of the PS, José Luís Carneiro, after meeting with António Costa.

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2 thoughts on “New restrictive measures in Portugal”

  1. About 200 people gathered in front of the Quinta Vigia, this Thursday afternoon,(1500) to demand the end of the measures to contain covid-19. Over the loudspeakers the question “Why?”

    Lawyer Pedro Sousa, one of the organizers and spokesman for this afternoon’s initiative, assures that the group will again be in front of the Fifth Watch next Thursday, and every Thursday (Government Council day) until the President of the Regional Government, respond to what they are asking for: a return to normality.

    We are here to help Dr. Miguel Albuquerque when he has to explain to the Madeiran population the reason why he did not comply with what the Directorate-General for Health was obliged to recognize in the Administrative Court of the Lisbon Circle, in May 2021, that between January of 2020 and April 18, 2021 only 152 people died from covid, which represents 0.05% of deaths from the so-called common pneumonia. In other words, this is a fraud and Dr. Miguel Albuquerque has to explain himself to the Madeirans.
    Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa says that the group of people who are meeting to demand the end of the containment measures are “in essence, helping Dr. Miguel Albuquerque, because the sooner he presents his resignation, the more possibilities he has to rid himself of the fury of the who were vaccinated.”

    The denier speaks of people who “go directly from the ‘vasassination’ centers to the hospital with serious pulmonary and cardiac side effects” due to the administration of vaccines against covid-19.” He himself was not vaccinated and claims that “the use of a mask is a limitation to our natural act of breathing, the mask is a fraud.”

    Pedro Sousa also refers to the “unconstitutional limitations of the Reginal Government”, which “violate fundamental rights of citizens”, such as the right to reserve private life.

    No one has the right to ask whether I am vaccinated or not, whether I have a certificate or not. This is a violation of the personal data base protection regulation. Where is the National Data Protection Commission?

  2. QUOTE:
    The denier speaks of people who “go directly from the ‘vasassination’ centers to the hospital with serious pulmonary and cardiac side effects” due to the administration of vaccines against covid-19.”

    “the denier”………………………………………………….
    Freudian slips of the tongue can be sooooooooooooooooo amusing.


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