401,000 vaccinations now administered

Madeira moves towards 85% target

401,000 vaccinations now administered 1

According to the Regional Health Department, up to the 7th of November, 401,068 vaccinations against COVID-19 had been administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, since the 31st of December 2020.

Of the total number of vaccines administered in the archipelago, 209,186 correspond to the administration of the first dose, 206,448 complete vaccination doses and 11,067 booster/additional doses.

The coverage rate of the resident population over 50 years old is 98%, and among residents aged between 12 and 17 years the coverage rate is above 79%.

There is also a homogeneous distribution of the vaccinated population by municipalities, with more than 83% of complete vaccination, with the exception of the municipalities of Câmara de Lobos and Santa Cruz, both with 79%.

401,000 vaccinations now administered 3
Blog 16 September

The 85% target has been there from the government for some time – just two days after the blog post opposite JM led with the headline that Regional health authorities need to convince around 10,000 people to reach the target of 85% of the population of Madeira with complete vaccination. Obviously the data has been manipulated along the way.

According to the provisional data collected, on the 7th of November, through the national platform for registration and management of vaccines, 83% of the resident population has already completed vaccination and 85% have started vaccination.

85% vaccination rate “achievable “next week”

401,000 vaccinations now administered 5

Regarding the epidemiological situation in the Region, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque revealed yesterday that among those infected 29 are users of Nursing Homes, 41 in Schools, 8 in the Social Care Sector and 6 linked to the Health services. In a separate announcement yesterday it was revealed that two first-year students at the University of Madeira had also tested positive.

“We have to focus now on the number of inpatients” which “fortunately are low”, he considered, referring to the nine inpatients (until yesterday) and among these, only two people have associated pathologies and are in intensive care.

About the outbreak at the old-folks home at Lar de Gaula, he reinforced that “as people were already vaccinated, its effects are much milder and some of them are even asymptomatic and this demonstrates once again that it is essential for people to be vaccinated”.

Moreover, he assured that the “massive testing in all schools” is underway and is already warning that “some of the events we are going to have at Christmas will force people to take many precautions”, otherwise there will be a regression in the control of the pandemic.

Nationwide, Portugal has performed better than Madeira and reached 86% vaccination coverage, with 87% having started their jabs.

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  1. As previously posted, the situation in much of Europe is not nearly so good. A fourth wave is building and in some areas of Germany only 57% are vaccinated!

  2. The situation in Germany looks awful – but why the resistance to the jabs there? – I have friends in Canico who tell me that their doctor back in Germany has told them not to have the jab?

  3. Can’t believe that the government said they were just 10,000 short more than 7 weeks ago and haven’t managed to acheive it – that’s just a couple of hundred per day.


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