Reis Magos manor house to be redeveloped?

New Caniço restaurant project welcomed

Reis Magos manor house

The Diario reports that the former manor house of Reis Magos in Caniço, which has been in a state of disrepair for dozens of years, has been recently purchased by a Madeiran businessman and should, subject to reconstruction works, following the original architectural design, be adapted for a restaurant business, with a museum area. The outline of the project, which is still in the preparation stage, was presented this morning, according to the newspaper.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, Filipe Sousa, considered this investment “very important” and announced that the municipality itself will now accelerate the project to extend the Reis Magos promenade to the west. next to the Royal Orchid Hotel. A new road link will also be created between the square located at the back of the old manor house and Estrada Avelino Pinto. “We are going to create an important dynamic on this seafront in Caniço, which was widely valued in the intervention that took place on the promenade”, underlined the mayor, who revealed that there is also another project for a development of “quality apartments” in a large area located on the right bank of the Caniço stream.

Businessman João Gonçalves, who is involved in ​​restaurants in Funchal, explained that he intends to maintain the lines of the former Reis Magos manor house. At this stage, he is still studying the conditions of the land but expects to complete the works within three years.

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4 thoughts on “Reis Magos manor house to be redeveloped?”

    • I wonder if it will in fact be demolished.

      The text “following the original architectural design” leaves the possibility of a completely newly built building open (and looking at the state of the old building) that may well be by far the cheaper option.

      I note too that the buyer will get some new roads – presumably free.

  1. Gosh. Yes, excellent news. Somewhat out of the blue, though, after all this time. When we stayed in Canico many years ago, there was a corrugated metal “fence” along there, opposite the shops. Google earth dated 2019 shows it as still there. Is that going to be built on, too? It would be good to remove the “fence”, which does nothing to enhance the area!


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