Another 10,000 vaccines arrive

More AstraZeneca vaccines arrive

Vaccines arriving in Madeira

The Madeira News website, with its automated Google translate, has picked up a report that yesterday afternoon another 10,000 vaccines arrived from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

The vaccines are now stored in the Pharmacy Service of SESARAM.

According to the director of the Núcleo Farmacêutico do SESARAM, Martinha Garcia, these will allow “to continue mass vaccination”.

The arrival of the latest batch makes it possible to continue the regional vaccination campaign, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Update May 17:

JM reports that up to May 16, 122,216 vaccines against COVID-19 had been administered in Madeira since December 31, 2020.

Of the total number of vaccines administered (122,216), 88,101 correspond to the administration of the first dose, and 34,115 were second doses of the vaccine. This means that 13.4% of the resident population already has a complete vaccination and 34.7%, 1 dose of the vaccine.

In the week under analysis, 18,028 vaccines were administered, of which 11,597 were first doses and 6,431 were second doses of the vaccine.

This week, the vaccination against COVID-19 will continue throughout the region, with emphasis on the administration of second doses of the vaccine to people living in the municipalities and with priority for vaccination.

Update May 20:

The President of the Regional Government said today that 35.4% of the population received the first inoculation of the vaccine against COVID-19, and 14.6 with the second inoculation. However, he said that in June, RAM will receive 75,000 vaccines from Pfizer, and 32,000 vaccines from Johnson, which requires only one inoculation. The number of vaccines that the Region will receive from Johnson next month, “is above our forecast”.

Update May 30:

Regional Health Secretary Pedro Ramos announced this Sunday morning that there were now 50,000 fully vaccinated people in the Region and another 43,000 thousand who had had their first dose.

In a projection and near future, Pedro Ramos says that in the next week the 150,000 doses should be reached, of which 100,000 referring to the first dose, expecting a number in the order of 175,000 for complete vaccination by September.

With regard to the 50,000 people with the full dose, 315 people were later infected, but almost all remained asymptomatic, attesting to the efficiency of the vaccines, but, equally, confirms that it does not confer total immunity.

In relation to young people between 12 and 15 years old, now authorized by the European Medicines Agency to be vaccinated with Pfizer, Pedro Ramos projects that in the Region this age group may be concluded at the beginning of the school year 2021/22

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