Vaccines in Madeira – update

Another 23,400 vaccines arrive

Vaccines arriving at the hospital

JM reports today that another 23,400 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer arrived in Madeira this morning. To date, the Region has received a total of 105,297 vaccines from Pfizer.

This latest delivery is now stored in the Pharmacy Service of the hospital administration authority SESARAM.

In a note sent to the press, the regional health authorities observed that the arrival of these vaccines allows the continuation of the regional vaccination campaign.

At the end of last Friday, April 30, the Region expected to have 86,671 vaccines against COVID-19 administered.

This weekend, a new round of vaccination took place in Porto Santo, with more than a thousand doses of the vaccine to be applied to residents of Ilha Dourada who are part of the priority groups, namely bedridden people, employees of the Occupational Activity Centers, among others.

The Covid-19 Regional Vaccination Plan establishes several stages of immunization of Madeirans against the new virus, in a process that began with health professionals, on the last day of last year, but which, as more vaccines arrive, has been extended to other priority groups.

The vaccination of professionals in the field of tourism is soon to begin, as announced by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque. The regional secretary of Tourism, Eduardo Jesus, has also commented on the matter, revealing that this inoculation should be concluded by the end of this month of May.

Update May 5:

The Portugal News reports that one in four Portuguese has already received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, representing more than 2.5 million people.

According to the Directorate-General for Health’s weekly report, 341,313 people have been vaccinated in the last week, and around 9% of the population are fully inoculated with both doses of the jab.

In total, just under 3,500,000 (3,483,599) doses of vaccines have been administered since the COVID-19 vaccination plan began on December 27, 2020.

Update May 6:

This afternoon another 10,000 vaccines arrived from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and are now stored in the Pharmacy Service of SESARAM.

According to the director of the Núcleo Farmacêutico do SESARAM, Martinha Garcia, these will allow “to continue mass vaccination”.

Update May 7:

Tomorrow, between 11 am and 12 pm, the COVID-19 vaccine number 100,000 should be administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The moment will be marked at the Vaccination Center of Funchal, in Madeira Tecnopolo, and will be attended by the regional secretary for Health and Protection, Pedro Ramos.

Update May 8:

At the event described immediately above to mark the 100,000th vaccine administered in the Region, Pedro Ramos detailed that by the end of September Madeira and Porto Santo will have received 597,000 doses of the various COVID-19 vaccines, translating into 176,000 fully vaccinated people in the Region (not quite sure about the arithmetic here?) – the numbered considered by the experts to be the point where herd immunity is achieved. At the moment the archipelago has 30% of the population with one dose and 10% with two.

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira.

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  1. Help me understand the math. A total population in Madeira and Porto Santo approx. 260.000. By end of September 597.000 dosis of vaccines have been received. Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca requires two vaccinations, Johnson & Johnson 1. With Pfizer 260.000 x 2 = 520.000 so well below the received number of doses. Still you starte that by end September only 176.000 are fully vaccinated?? Thank you for an interesting and informative blog

  2. I commented on the maths at the time of posting this Johnny. I can only assume that the numbers were miss-reported in the local press. As you state, the population of the Region is just over 250,000 so only 500,000 doses would be required to double-vaccinate every man, woman and child?


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