COVID-19: cases fall to single figures

Just nine cases today

Covid patient being transported

The Region todays announced that the number of positive cases of COVID-19 recorded in the previous 24 hours was just nine. In their daily bulletin, the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE also announced the recovery of a further 13 cases. There are 116 situations that are currently being monitored by the health authorities.

According to the same figures, Madeira has now seen 9,019 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with the new cases being two imported cases (one from France and one from the Lisbon/Tagus Valley region) and seven cases of local transmission. The total number of recovered cases has now reached 8,686. There remains a total of 71 deaths associated with the disease, leaving 262 active cases in the Region, of which 14 are imported cases and 248 are locally transmitted.

Regarding the isolation of active cases, it should be noted that 13 people are hospitalized at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça (nine people in Multipurpose Units and four in the Intensive Care Unit dedicated to COVID-19) and 22 people are in isolation in a dedicated hotel unit, the rest remaining in their own accommodation.

Update May 4:

Today saw 16 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in Madeira, all of which are locally transmitted. There are 11 more cases recovered.

Update May 5:

Madeira recorded this Wednesday 20 new cases of Covid-19. These are all cases of local transmission. 11 cases are classed as recovered.

Update May 6:

In the last 24 hours, 13 new cases of COVID-19 infection were registered in the Region, all due to local transmission. In the same period, health authorities recorded 16 recovered cases.

Update May 7:

Today saw 15 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in Madeira, all of which are locally transmitted. There are another 38 cases recovered, with the Region currently accounting for 250 active cases, of which 9 are imported and 241 are locally transmitted.

Update May 8:

This Saturday Madeira recorded 12 new cases of COVID-19. These are three imported cases (one from Romania and two from the Lisbon/Tagus Valley region) and nine cases of local transmission. There are 23 more recovered cases reported.

Update May 9:

Today Madeira counts 10 new cases of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, all of which are locally transmitted. There are still 13 new recoveries to be accounted for. 

Update May 10:

Today sees 11 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in Madeira. These are two imported cases (one from France and one from the Lisbon/Vale do Tejo region) and 9 cases of local transmission. There is also a record of 17 more recovered cases.

The graphic below is from the Diario and shows the total number of active cases of COVID-19 each day over the last three weeks:

COVID-19: cases fall to single figures 1

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira.

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9 thoughts on “COVID-19: cases fall to single figures”

  1. It looks very promising at the moment, but the relaxation of the curfew has yet to impact on the Covid figures, and with most Madeirans largely ignoring social distancing this could be quite dramatic.

    • Would like to understand where this obsession to point the finger to “Madeireans” comes from. Is this really how expats look at the locals, like misbehaved people that don´t follow the rules? Ironically the largest “event” I saw recently where there was no social distancing whatsoever and lots of people gathered was a St Patrick day celebration at a Pub and there were no locals in there…

      Madeira is STILL one of the places in Europe with the best performance controlling Covid, even without strict lockdowns the number of cases and deaths is still very below average of the ones found in Europe. On the other hand, countries like UK and Germany not only had very severe lockdowns they also have a very bad performance with a huge Covid death related rate. So, who are the ones who “largely ignore the rules”?

      • Population density plays a large part in the spread of the virus. Just look at India. Alleging the deaths in the UK and Germany are caused by ignoring the rules is just not true. There are many factors involved.

        • Of course its true. That is why numbers in UK and Germany only dropped with very strict lockdowns. People still went to supermarkets during lockdowns and essential workers still used public transports during lockdown, even in the highly populated areas. And numbers dropped dramatically. This means that when people are doing “non-essential” things people there are not respecting basic rules like mask wearing and social distancing.

          • People went to supermarkets to buy food to feed themselves. Essential workers used public transport to get to their essential jobs. I see no point in discussing the other points you have made as you are obviously an expert on people’s behaviour in other countries as well as Madeira.

            • Exactly, people still went to supermarkets in densely populated areas and people still went to their essential jobs in densely populated areas, and the numbers still decreased dramatically during lockdowns. So, it is not related to population density as you suggest. It is related with peoples behavior during non-essential activities. The numbers in UK and Germany suggest a large part of the population in those countries largely ignoring social distancing during non-essential activities.

              • Luis – as you appear to live locally I am amazed that you are in denial about Madeirans contempt for social distancing. Many still kiss when meeting and distancing guidelines are completely ignored when in the supermarkets in particular. I love the Madeiran people, but they have not got their collective heads around the recommended behaviour during this pandemic.

  2. As much as I feel that the defence of your homeland is admiral Luis, you must admit human nature being what it is certain restrictions will be ignorered as in many other places.
    Madeira is not getting targeted,folks are entitled to call it as to how they
    see it.
    I ask mself why is my Maderian colleague and friend so stressed when she receives updates from her family about complacency regarding social distancing in a quite a few parishes if indeed it is just an illusion.
    We must all work together ensuring that safety is paramount,then tourism will resume as we know it.


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