Madeira on verge of “very high risk”

Very high risk headline

157 active transmission chains

JM leads with a report that Madeira has moved very close the “very high risk” classification after registering over 120 infections yesterday – reported here. In so doing it became the third region in the country with the highest incidence rate, being surpassed ............ more

120 new cases in 24 hours

Coronavirus 120 new cases in Madeira yesterday

No Omicron – yet!

Madeira yesterday recorded 120 new cases of infection by Coronavirus in the previous 24 hours, according to the latest data released by the Regional Directorate of Health.

According to the daily epidemiological bulletin, 116 are cases of local transmission, with the remaining four being imported. 89 ............ more

Medics angry with unvaccinated

unvaccinated denial graphic

90% of Covid sufferers unvaccinated

The Times reports that doctors and nurses in the UK have vented their anger as unvaccinated Covid cases delay them from conducting vital operations

The NHS has a backlog of 5.8 million waiting for surgery and specialists are increasingly frustrated at how the unvaccinated have left them unable to tackle ............ more

UK tightens travel rules

New travel rules for arrivals back in UK

Tests now required prior to arrival in UK

The BBC among others report tonight that travel rules for those heading to the UK have been tightened. Arrivals will now have to take a COVID-19 test before their departure in an effort to limit the spread of the virus, the government has said.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the tightened requirements ............ more

Queen Mary 2 is the next notable visitor

Queen Mary 2

QM2 due next week

Resident nautical expert Jaime is determined not to let the JM or Diario get the steal on the blog this time: The next notable visitor to Funchal is the Queen Mary 2 due 07:00 am on 9th Dec – after 18 months “laid up” due to the pandemic and an overhaul in Germany she’s back in ............ more

Market Night, but …

JM headline about market night

No food and drink stalls

JM leads with the story that the traditional Market Night will go ahead before Christmas but it will proceed without the food and drink stalls that are a key part of the event in “normal times”.

The ............ more

Ronaldo passes 800 goals

Ronaldo, who passed the 800 goal mark last night

First player in history

Madeiran Cristiano Ronaldo now stands alone as the first player in football history to achieve 800 career goals – in waht the Sun describes as “a ludicrous feat” that has not been matched by anyone past or present.

He became the first player in history to score 800 top-level career ............ more

Tests not required to visit mainland

Lisbon Airport on the mainland

Passengers from Madeira to the mainland exempt from a negative test

Açoriano Oriental reports that passengers coming from the Azores and Madeira to the Portuguese mainland will be exempt from submitting a negative test for COVID-19 to board from Wednesday, according to press agency Lusa, quoting a source at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Last Thursday, ............ more

Christmas lights turned on

Christmas lights

Tunnel of light an attraction again

JM reports that from 6:00 pm last night, “Funchal is a city flooded with lights of various colours that call for peace, harmony, happiness and fraternization, values ​​that are always present but lived with much more intensity during the festive period of Christmas”.

The Christmas lighting ............ more

New regulations being ignored

Sign explaining new regulations

No checks in shopping centres

JM reports that on a public holiday, shopping centres in Madeira experienced a flood of customers yesterday.

The newspaper reports that customers entering these premises are not being controlled as would be expected under the new regulations that came into force last weekend, including the presentation ............ more

Digital vaccine passport unavailable

Vaccine pass

On the first day it is required on mainland

Various sources report that the Portuguese Health Service digital vaccine passport app was coming up as temporarily unavailable on the very same day that it was required for restaurants and events on the mainland.

A quick simulation on the SNS website demonstrates the impossibility of accessing and ............ more

Site error

Site Error message

Yesterday’s posts and comments deleted

More site problems this morning and as a result of the site error, yesterday morning’s backup has had to be restored. As a result, a number of posts and comments have been lost – apologies to all.

It is possible, at a time when the blog is being even more widely copied, that some of the ............ more

“Treated like dogs”

– Portuguese woman accused of trying to flee the Netherlands

The Diário de Notícias on the mainland reports in detail on the couple who have become infamous across the world after being accused of trying to flee quarantine in the Netherlands. They are a Spaniard and a Portuguese, accused by the Dutch authorities ............ more

Cruise ship rescue

Rescue operation at sea

260km south of Madeira

JM reports that a 22-year-old woman of Indonesian nationality was rescued today from a cruise ship “Mein Schiff 4”, which was sailing 135 nautical miles (about 250 kilometres) south of Madeira.

Following the alert received at 11:15 yesterday morning, after the ship informed authorities ............ more

85% occupancy for New Year

Tourism Secretay talking  about occupancy for the New Year

Same as last year, but …

Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, says that the forecast for the hotel occupancy rate for the end of the year is 85%.

There is an expectation that the occupancy number could go up. However, the forecast is precisely the same as last year.

It remains to be seen whether the recent ............ more

Omicron: 13 cases in Portugal

Football team associated with omicron variant

Cases associated with football team

Diário de Notícias on the mainland reports this morning that the Doctor Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute (INSA) has identified 13 cases of Ómicron, the new variant of the coronavirus, in Portugal, which was announced today.

In a joint statement from the INSA and the General Directorate ............ more

Commitment to tourism

Funchal, the heart of tourism in Madeira

€13m to promote Madeira

JM reports that yesterday, the PSD Parliamentary Group highlighted the Regional Government’s commitment to the tourism sector, namely in terms of promotion, with the objective of securing and conquering key markets for Madeira as a destination. Hopefully, new variants and self-isolation for ............ more

Portuguese police denialists

Portuguese police

Hundreds of police officers in vaccine denial

As in the Armed Forces, in the police there are those who refuse to be vaccinated, but they also have no operational restrictions other than in international missions. PSP does not know how many agents it has unvaccinated

On the mainland,  ............ more

Expo boat left to rot

Covid deaths reach 100

JM leads with a report that the replica of the boat that made the original connection between Madeira and Porto Santo was built in 1998 and cost €275,000.

After the universal exhibition in Lisbon, the boat was handed over to Clube Naval do Porto Santo ............ more

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