Recycling improves in Funchal

JM headlining recycling

and more, better, chestnuts this year

JM headlines today that, in the space of a decade, recycling in Funchal has increased by nearly five thousand tons. According to data provided by the Municipality, the selective collection exceeded 18,000 tons, a record for recent years.

This indicates, according to the local authority,  ............ more

Cruise ship scrapping booms!

Cruise ships await scrapping in Turket

Cruise ship-breaking booms in Turkey after pandemic scuttles sector

Thanks to the blog’s resident nautical expert Jaime, for a link to a report that Aliaga, Turkey seems the favoured resting place for cruise ships – the picture shows three Carnival vessels wedged in with 2 Pulmantur ships

Olsen’s Boudicca is heading that way as we speak and Black Watch ............ more

Football club in COVID-19 scare

CD National football stadium above Funchal

Two local footballers test positive upon return to Madeira

JM report from an informed source that two of the growing number of arrivals who were announced to have tested positive at the airport last week –  ............ more

Clock changes tonight …

Blog from March 2019 on clock changes in the EU
Blog from March last year

… but it won’t happen for much longer

Wired Magazine reports that plans to abolish clock changes across the European Union in 2021 have been put on hold as a result of the pandemic.

In March 2019 the European Parliament approved a proposal that seasonal clock changes over the last weekend in March and October would become a thing of the ............ more

Wizz Air thrives during coronavirus chaos

Wizz Air plane

12 new bases and 250 new flights announced

Various sources report a remarkable story in these days of COVID-19: Low-cost carrier Wizz Air has launched 12 new bases and 250 new flights since April (including 38 for Wizz Air UK).

On Thursday the airline opened its London Gatwick base. report that it had been expanding rapidly ............ more

Albuquerque re-elected as social-democrat leader

President’s re-election a formality

The leader of the PSD/Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, was yesterday re-elected president of the Party’s Political Commission in direct elections. He was the only candidate and obtained 87.3% of the votes.

Of the 2,839 members able to vote, 2,489 exercised their voting rights, that is, 87.6%, and ............ more

Search resumes for German tourist

São Jorge, where the search is taking place

24 year-old fell into sea at São Jorge

JM reports that searches have resumed for the 24-year-old German tourist, who fell into the sea yesterday in the area of ​​São Jorge, on the north of the island.

Just like yesterday, the Santana Volunteer Firefighters, on land, and Sanas and Instituto de Socorro a Naufragos, by sea, must have ............ more

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