Scooter warning

Record winter for tourism

Scooters pictured on the front page of the newspaper

The prominent photo on the front page of the Diario this morning is dedicated to a Police
warning about the excesses of e-scooter users. There have … Read more

Locals approve of AL

“Best Island Destination in Europe” yet again!

AL approval headline

The majority of respondents to an Intercampus survey for JM and JMFM consider that the expansion of the Local Accommodation offer in Madeira … Read more

EU visa delayed again

New ETIAS program will not start until 2025

ETIAS - th EU Visa scheme - graphic

According to European Union (EU) officials, the start of the European Travel Info and Authorisation System (ETIAS) program – effectively an EU … Read more

No Vice President

PAN accused of “betrayal”

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque

The president of the Regional Government intends to announce, “soon”, the new composition of the Madeiran executive, but has already announced that there will not be … Read more

PAN sets 10 goals

Why did Albuquerque not resign?

PAN attending meetings with Albequerque

PAN proposal makes Government of Albuquerque viable” is a piece of current news in local newspapers, in the aftermath of the Regional Elections on … Read more

Albuquerque coalition continues

Negotiations last all day

Albuquerque coalition continues, together with
Rui Barreto

Miguel Albuquerque had promised a quick understanding with one of the candidates to form an absolute majority government to work with his coaltion. And … Read more

Abortions soar

Blog reaches the age of 16!

Abortions soar newspaper headline

The number of interrupted pregnancies soared last year. In total, 224 women had abortions by choice, 45.5% more than in the same period last … Read more

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