Travel agencies warn against taxes

Prudence recommended

Taxes headline in JM

JM reports that the president of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies warns of the risk of new taxes being charged to tourists, such as tickets … Read more

Bar O Avô reopening

More help still needed

Maurice has been in touch to remind blog readers that, as they may be aware, the highly popular Bar O Avô in the centre of Funchal … Read more

New airport Radar: more details

Wind monitoring system could be installed quickly

New airport Radar

As already reported here on a number of occasions recently the Diario confirms that the tender for the acquisition of new Radar equipment … Read more

New Radar progress

End of masks May 14?

New Radar headline in JM

JM reports that progress has been made with the new Radar which everybody finally agrees is required at the airport with the establishment of a … Read more

Cabo Girão entrance charge?

Government plan to charge for access to viewpoint

Cabo Girão headline in JM

Rogério Gouveia, the regional Finance supervisor, has admitted to JM that the Regional Government is considering the possibility of charging entrance charges … Read more

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