750 strokes each year


750 strokes each year 44

Last year, the Region again recorded around 750 cases of people suffering strokes. The number is considered high by the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, SESARAMRead more

Elections on a tight deadline

Elections on a tight deadline

The scheduling of early elections detailed in a previous post means that the lists of each party’s candidates must be delivered within 20 days. The deadline is tight for everyone, … Read more

Madeira returns to the polls

New Regional elections in May

Madeira return to the polls in May is the headlines today

Both local newspapers report that Madeirans return to the polls on May 26th. The President of the Republic was not sensitive to the arguments of … Read more

Mobility subsidy payments restored

CTT - where Mobility subsidy payments have been restored

After several days of failures in the CTT (Portuguese Post Office) system that processes refunds relating to the social mobility subsidy to which Madeirans are entitled, had its functionality finally … Read more

Cruise ship docks early

but bad weather warning cancelled

the Marella Explorer which docked ahead of schedule yesterday afternoon in the Port of Funchal

JM reported yesterday afternoon that the Marella Explorer had docked ahead of schedule yesterday afternoon in the Port of Funchal, anticipating, due to the sea … Read more

More maritime unrest and more snow

‘Nelson’ depression will shape the weather in Madeira at Easter

More maritime unrest and more snow 87

The Port Authority of Funchal, through the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, once again extended the warning of … Read more

€26 m to promote tourism

€26 m to promote tourism 107

26 million to promote Madeira Tourism is the topic that makes the Diarios headline today. The program contract for 2024 and 2025, has been authorized by the Regional Government and … Read more

Heavy Hailstorm Hits Gaula

Weather delivers a surprise – video

Surprise hailstorm in Gaula - video

A heavy hailstorm, accompanied by thunder, surprised the residents of Gaula yesterday according to a YouTube posting replicated on the Diario website – below. … Read more

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