Cycle path rethink

Section in Ajuda put on hold

Work on rhe new cycle way

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up reports from both local papers report that that the new leader of Funchal City Council, Pedro Calado, has had a rethink on the arrangement of the new cycle path that is being developed between Funchal and Ajuda, where it will connect with the existing cycle path that makes its way along towards Praia Formosa.

One stretch of this had already been developed between the Lido and the edge of Ajuda when the new access road was developed a while ago (photo below), but a major hurdle seems to have developed at this point, outside the Baia Azul hotel. The Funchal-bound traffic has for some while been diverted down to narrow roads in front of the hotel, which has proved unsatisfactory – particularly as it rejoins the main road at exactly the same point where a major development is filling the gap between the Alto Lido hotel and the eastern edge of Ajuda.

Change to cycle path always planned

Now it looks like 100 metres of the project will be suspended pending “new initiatives” involving properties to the north of the main Estrada Monumental,, which will allow the road to return to its original two-way operation. The project may be resumed in the future.

Cycle path rethink 1

During the electoral campaign, Pedro Calado had already made the commitment to find an alternative to the problem of traffic congestion that currently exists in that area. The mayor considers it urgent to take a decision at this point in terms of the future, taking into account the foreseeable increase in housing that will be built in that western zone. For Pedro Calado, it didn’t make any sense, given the limitation of lanes, to favour a cycle path to the detriment of car traffic, which is currently a necessity for the entire population. The works were stopped, but they have already been resumed. Completion is scheduled for late January, early February approximately.

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9 thoughts on “Cycle path rethink”

  1. When I went for walks in Funchal recently or went on a bus at no point did I see a cyclist on the cycle lanes! In fact I only saw a couple of people on bikes in the 18 days we were there. When I was in Ribeira Brava I saw one guy cycling back and forth on the cycle lanes from Tabua. ONE!

    • Certainly, out towards Praia Formosa I have rarely seen cyclists – but it is well-used by people jogging – so I suppose it serves a purpose in that respect.

  2. Cycle lanes are seen as a tick in box for Madeira’s green credentials. Like Maurice we saw no cyclists using them during our 21 days in Madeira and they are unpopular with the taxi drivers we used. With climate change now top of the political agenda, expect to see more cycle lanes although you have to be very fit to cycle around Madeira due it mountainous terrain. OK if you live in Holland!!

  3. Thanks for the explanation – I know the area well and tried to understand what was happening on the auto-translate site – but it didn’t make any sense at all. I was never quite sure how they were going to get past the Hole in One?

  4. I just thought of a sollution.
    Let’s build even more hotels, bars and shops at the Lido.
    That way, it will become obvious to everyone that bicycles are completely out of place there.

  5. This comment is not associated with this blog, but I am unsure about how to address my concern.
    Staying at the PortoBay Hotel I am writing regarding the horrendous noise from the Naval Club, at least half a mile away. What I would call a ‘rave’ started a it 5pm. It was so, so loud. It went on until at least 1am. Closing all the doors and curtain did not obscure the constant thump, thump of the banal ‘music’. Having lived in Cyprus it bright back memories of the night clubs in Ayia Napa competing with each other by turning up the volume. At least these were indoor venues, not that at the Naval Club last night. How was this allowed by authorities, and why wasn’t it closed down at least by midnight???

    • The Naval club has a ‘White Night’ gig in late summer each year. We stay at The Promenade that is even closer than Porto Bay and are given advance warning. It goes on until the early hours and is very loud. However, the notice put under the door also extends an invitation to join them. Never seen it as a problem and is a ‘one off’ event in what is normally a very peaceful location.

  6. Steve I sympathise – Club Naval have a “shindig” every year at the end of the season. Can you imagine being a guest at the Regency Cliff hotel which overlooks the Club Naval ? I really don’t know how they get away with it but they do! Guess they request a late 1am licence!


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