COVID status certificates

Vaccine status certificates being considered across Europe

A lot of talk in the media today about the possible introduction of vaccine or COVID status certificates in the coming months. The Independent reports that the UK government is considering the introduction of “Covid status certificates” as part of plans for the phased reopening of society, the prime minister has announced.

Boris Johnson said there will be a review into the policy, which was been previously dismissed by a number of senior ministers.

The PM said a certification scheme could be adopted to help certain venues open safely in the months ahead, but added that the government would be “mindful” of concerns surrounding privacy, exclusion and discrimination, with some groups unable to receive a coronavirus jab for medical reasons.

Mr Johnson told the House of Commons on Monday that a study into the use of vaccine and testing certificates will be one of four reviews conducted as part of easing the current restrictions.

The findings of the vaccine passport probe are hoped to be available before stage four of the lockdown easing on 21 June is reached.

Sky News reports that vaccine and testing certificates could be used in England to enable the economy to fully reopen and international travel to go ahead, the government has suggested.

Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown says the government will look into how certificates confirming someone has had a recent negative test or has had a COVID-19 vaccine could “play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety”.

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  1. Greece is crying out for these to help revive their tourist trade. Meanwhile the UK says they are discriminatory against those who have refused or cannot have the jab. Well, if you refuse it then why shouldn’t you be discriminated against? It’s your choice.

    I still have vaccination certificates for cholera, smallpox, tetanus, typhoid, Yellow fever etc etc from the days when you needed them for travel. Nobody said they were discriminatory then.

    We’ve had our 1st jab and will get the 2nd in April and we want to travel to Madeira in October without any quarantine at either end.

  2. The covid vaccine is NOT Mandatory in UK
    any type of travel document will only add to the delay in travel resuming for
    UK – EU not necessary change the subject !

  3. Copy and Paste link below sign a petition no UK vaccine passport.

    Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports
    We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.

    More details
    On Dec 14th 2020, Nadhim Zahawi MP said ‘there are no plans for vaccine passports’. He continues to deny the Government has plans despite reports that people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine will be offered a passport proving they have been vaccinated as part of a government-funded trial.

    The Government must be completely clear to the public about the use of vaccine passports & their intentions, which will undoubtedly affect societal cohesion & effect the economic recovery of Great Britain this year & into 2022.

    • Er? People who refuse the vaccine are discriminating so why should they not be discriminated against?

      Would you go into an area where Malaria was rife and take no medications? Would you go into a area where yellow fever was present but refuse a yellow fever jab? Would you refuse to have your children vaccinated against chickenpox, mumps, rubella etc?

      Grow up and stop reading the lies about the vaccines.

      They do not alter your DNA, they do not make women sterile, they do not turn men into homosexuals, they do not inject a tracking chip into you(they, whoever “they” are, do not need to, your smartphone is more effective for that).

  4. There is nothing new about vaccination certificates. When I first went to sea in the early Seventies, Yellow Fever, Cholera and Typhoid were still prevalent in some parts of the world.

    We were not allowed to join a ship unless we held a vaccination certificate showing that we had up to date inoculations for those diseases and on arriving at a foreign port, no body was allowed ashore until the Port Health Officials had checked such certification if it was a particular requirement of that Country.

    It is the individual’s right to decide whether to accept the offer of a Covid vaccination or to decline.

    However it is also a Sovereign States right and duty by law, to dictate whether a person entering their Territory requires a particular vaccination to protect it’s citizens, NOT that individual’s right to dictate to that Country it’s entry requirements and claim that ” their rights are being restricted ” should they refuse to comply by not holding proof of that requirement.

    Even today, without said vaccination passports, entry requirements for all countries, including vaccinations required or recommended are to be found on the FCO website.

  5. I agree largely with Jaime. Certificates may help open up countries without the need of the extensive testing of everyone that we’ve seen before (assuming that the vaccines do actually stop transmission in the long term and not just the symptoms.)

    However I would add that there ought to be provisions made for people who cannot (due to serious risk factors) or choose not (due to whatever reason is up to them as sovereign beings) to have the vaccine to ensure that they are not ostracized from society, as long as measures can be found that also protect the population at large at the same time… i.e. in the case of international travel a country should still allow a non vaccinated person to enter if they present a negative test on arrival.

    • In Canada even after being fully vaccinated the government has mandated that people still have to follow all safety protocols such as masking social distancing, COVID testing and travel restrictions because they can still be carriers and spreaders of COVID. So please tell me why exactly are we being vaccinated again. I am NOT an Anti-Vaxer and all my non-COVID vaccines are up to date.

      • I would assume because even though they ‘CAN still be carriers and spreaders of covid’ they are less likely to and in any case are less likely to fall victim to the worse symptoms and clog up hospital beds and die.

        If the worldwide vaccination program has been successful and there haven’t been any majorly troubling new variants then I think its pretty unlikely most of the safety protocols will still be in place in years to come


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