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New 10th edition Madeira Tour & Trail now available

Discovery Walking Guide - picture of new map

To quote their own publicity, Discovery Walking Guides claim “the enduring popularity of Madeira for a walking holiday is not surprising; it offers wonderful walks, breathtaking views, beautiful endemic flora, a kind climate and a great choice of accommodation”. They have just published the tenth edition of their best-selling Madeira Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map.

Please take care when purchasing this map that you have the correct ISBN to ensure you have the new, fully updated edition.

ISBN: 9781782750758

Madeira Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map

£8.99 until 31 July 2021, £10.99 from 01 August 2021)

More information here.

Take Care When Buying on Amazon

Discovery Walking Guides point out that “Love It or Hate It”, Amazon is where many of us look for information on maps and guide books but recently our ‘Search’ results have turned up lots of old editions of maps and guide books being offered by third-party sellers (TPs). These old ‘Out-of-Print’ (OP) editions can look like new maps/books. Unless you are careful, you could find yourself paying good money for old, out of date, information. Using old OP information from a TP could risk ruining your holiday adventures.

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

Vaccinations in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

9 thoughts on “Discovery Walking Guide: new map”

  1. Avoid clicking on the “More information here” link as the ISBN on that page leads to the 2018 version.

    Using the ISBN code from *this post* on both Amazon UK and Amazon DE led directly (and only) to the correct 2021 map but in both places it wasn’t available.


  2. Curiously it was marked as “can’t be sent to your location” (=Finland) on Amazon DE.

    (and also that it is supplied by Amazon UK – getting it from Amazon DE is usually preferable even if the price is slightly higher because they have free postage over 39 Euros [and fillers can also be found] whereas Amazon UK don’t [and have excessive postage costs with both delivery charge and weight charge])

  3. Does this map offer anything that can not be found on the free app “Windy Maps”?
    I use it in many countries, for walking and public transport.
    It includes bus stops and planning walks, and can be used without internet connection.
    A Madeiran friend told me about it, and I never use paper maps anymore – I even discovered new tracks close to my my home town!

    • Thanks for the tip. Downloaded; downloaded the “Portugal” map (and now can’t find how to use the download!!)

      As for the question there are at least a couple of things that come to mind with respect to usage (rather than the quality of the map – at first glance the Windy Maps Madeira map looks good)

      – if you have an expensive (no doubt also large and clearly visible) smart phone, you don’t necessarily want to pull it out of your packet to check where you are.

      – if it’s raining, a map of this type is preferable to getting a smart phone wet

      For me though it’s more that while I like digital maps and use them, I still like the feel of a map of this type when out hiking.

      • I know what you mean, digital map ok but a proper Ordnance Survey map can’t be beaten. Same with reading a real book rather than on a Kindle.

  4. The Tour & Trail maps of Madeira are the best maps I have found and I have used them for many years. The problem is that they soon go out of date so the new edition is moist welcome. I ordered the 2021 edition from Amazon last week and it will be despatched early August, in time for our next visit to Madeira (subject to no changes in covid rules!). Be careful when ordering if you want the new edition as as the older ones are still available.

    • Given that Amazon DE wouldn’t send it to Finland (their price 11.nn Euros so less than 10 pounds) I ordered it from Amazon UK at 8.99 pounds + just over 4 pounds postage. But at the checkout it was up to 11.nn *pounds* + the same postage so Amazon DE’s policy led in total to a massive increase!
      It’s also not in stock. As Private Eye might say “triples all round”.

      • Email from Amazon advising delivery of 2021 version next week so you should receive yours soon. I hope you think it good value despite having to pay extra.

        • Lucky you! I hope it comes then.

          I have also just a few minutes ago received an e-mail from Amazon UK advising me of a revised delivery date. Unfortunately not next week but ” Estimated arrival date: October 07 2021 – October 13 2021” ! As we – assuming flights are still possible – leave on the 25th of October, I’ve deleted the order. (Far too much risk of it arriving after we leave)

          [By next year Amazon DE might feel like sending it to me which would be a ca 40% saving …]


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