Who's got all the money then?

Source Diário de Notícias 1/11/2007

It won’t come as any great surprise that the good people of Funchal pay more tax per person (or family) than any other region of Madeira. €2,205 euros is the average tax bill in Funchal, which puts it in the top 10 in Portugal, where the ............  ...read more

Whoops! Sorry, we forgot to tell the locals …

Source : Diário de Noticias 29/10/07

Whoops! Sorry, we forgot to tell the locals …

Or was it not as ‘low cost’ as we were led to believe?

Whilst its not reported whether or not TAP and BA are enjoying ‘business as usual’, it appears that the new low cost flights bringing ............  ...read more

Scrooge Comes To Madeira (But Misses Funchal?)

Source : Diário de Noticias 29/10/07

It seems that for some parts of Madeira, christmas spending is going to be tight. More for some regions than others, with cuts in the budgets for festivities. In part this is due to restrictions imposed by council financial spending rules.

In Câmara de Lobos, the ............  ...read more

Murder on Madeira !

Source : Diário de Notícias 28/10/07

It is reported today that over a period stretching from 1997 to October 2007, 119 murders were committed on Madeira, pretty much one a month. A similar level to that found in Porto or Coimbra.

Many of the cases investigated were the result of alchool induced bar ............  ...read more

Rugby comes to Madeira in 2008

Source Diário de Notícias 27/10/2007

For those who enjoyed the just completed Rugby World Cup, there are more rugby treats in store for those lucky enough to live on the island, as the Championship of the Clubs of Europe will be held here next year, bringing around 1500 players.

Between the 19th and ............  ...read more

The Portuguese are distrustful people?

Díario de Notícias 26-10-2007

The Portugueses are the most distrustful people of Western Europe occupying 25th position amongst 26 countries, a recent European study shows. It measured the strength of distrust and the lack of patriotism of the different people who took part in ............  ...read more

Easyjet to take over GB Airways (who fly Gatwick to Madeira for British Airways)

Source : BBC 25/10/2007

Given that in the next few days Easyjet will begin 10 weekly flights to Madeira from Bristol and Stanstead airports in the UK, its an interesting development that now Easyjet have agreed to buy GB Airways, who currently operate the flights between Gatwick and Madeira (under ............  ...read more

Competition for CaboTV !

Source – Diário de Notícias 20th October, 2007

This doesn’t seem finalised yet, but it seems that CaboTV is about to lose its monopoly on TV services for Madeira.

A company called  TVTEL is set to compete with the existing service with a promotional offer of  7.95 ............  ...read more

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