Rural Tourism Snubbed, Bendy Bus, Police Shooters, Wally of the week!

First, a bit of leftover news from yesterday :

Source : Diário de Notícias 8/2/2008

The body responsible for rural tourism has complained that the Regional Office of the Secretary of  Tourism ignored the rural hotels in the official events that were organized during the period of Carnival.  ............ more

Petrol Consumption, Porto Santo, Medical Complaints, Wi-Fi, …

TODAYS PHOTO : Last Monday afternoon, on the Porto Santo 9km beach. Inspired by these people, I followed suit and had an embracing but enjoyable swim (sorry ladies, no pictures). It just goes to show that the golden sand makes all the difference to the beach use, as rarely does Madeira ............ more

Weird Photo, Madeira Car Chase, yet another drug study, Madeira Anona Exhibition

TODAYS PHOTO : A bit spooky this one. It was taken the night before the carnival on Tuesday. Look closely at the face. It was not taken through glass or anywhere near anything reflective. What’s strange is that the second face fits perfectly into the costume neck. No tricks here, promise.

News ............ more

Now the carnival is over, ….. (surely I am too young for the Seekers?)

TODAYS PHOTO : last of the carnival pictures for the season, but I might publish one or two for the Porto Santo ‘Trapalhão’ carnival yesterday.

Boy, was that a nippy night last night or what, or was it due to the fact that I was hanging around outside for ............ more

Porto Santo Island Carnival news etc.

Good morning from Porto Santo,

we are currently in full swing carnival season here, with a schedule and events much like those on Madeira Island. However last night was a bit different, as it was the eve of “Trapalhão”, the final carnival of the festive calendar. Last night the island ............ more

Crime Phenomenon, Carnival Pics, other snippets

The big story in yesterdays Diário is about how the increase in petty crime is affecting the citizens of Madeira. In a huge piece, it details about how the difference is becoming noticable in very recent times, and theft and robbery is now being reported on a daily basis, and is making many people ............ more

Residents Travel Discount, Carnival (of course), CaboTV reminder

At the end of last year, the European Commission approved changes to the residents travel discount scheme for air travel between mainland Portugal and Madeira.

The scheme, originally approved by the Commission in 1998, is available to all residents of Madeira and certain qualifying students.

The new ............ more

Carnival Parade Pictures, Funchal, 2nd February 2008

Just to say the pictures from last nights carnival in Funchal are here and ready to view

Also childrens carnival in Ribeira Brava pictures

I will be back to do ............ more

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