Fridge subsidies, Vigilantes in the Chamber of Wolves, Bus Drivers Strike, Fresh water fishing

TODAYS PHOTO : thanks to Karen! Please feel free to send in your photos

Source : Diário de Notícias 23/2/2008

One of the headline stories today is that the Government is going to subsidise the acquisition of a million ‘low energy’ refrigerators (less than two megawatts yearly) by between ............ more

Stupid smokers!, New PT telephone deal, & other half baked stories

TODAYS PHOTO : see below

Source : Diário de Notícias 22/2/2008

One leftover story from yesterday’s newspaper is as the result of the new year smoking ban on Madeira. The picture shows a gas bottle storage area with loads of gas bottles in some open sided crates, all stacked up against a wall ............ more

Portuguese Driving Licences, Car Tax, Madeira Independence, Easyjet New Route?

Cracking day most of yesterday, and I saw around 20 people on the beach or in the sea at lunchtime.

If anyone has a Portuguese driving licence (ie, issued in Portugal) the rules for renewal (due to age) have changed, regardless of the date stated on the licence itself. I can put more details here if ............ more

Abandoned Dogs, New Property Rules, 'Pirates', Driving Lessons, Bomb Threat, Eclipse

Source : Diário de Notícias 20/2/2008

In rather a timely fashion (see earlier blog), The Diário reports yesterday in one of it’s lead stories about the abandonment of dogs by their owners, the stray dogs on the street, and the involvement of SPAD. The sad but familiar tales of woe sound much ............ more

Water 'Rises', Banana Crime, School Exams, Blog Matters

Source : Diário de Notícias 19/2/2008

The prices of processing and supplying tap water on Madeira has increased by 12.7% since last year. As councils (Câmaras) are obliged by law not to provide services at below cost price, you will see this reflected in your water bills soon. I ............ more

Tax discrepancies ?, 'yesterday's news', Lunar Eclipse, New web page – animal matters!

TODAYS PHOTO : It’s hard to judge the height of this ‘scaffold’ from the photo, but I reckon (from a fairly clear view) it was around 25 metres, and in scale was about the equivalent of standing on the end of an upright ruler (the measuring sort). Tree pruning seems to be ............ more

Firework Ban?, Medication, Mad Biker Identified, & Other Snippets …

TODAYS PHOTO : excuse the quality of the photo, as it was taken from about half a kilometre away, but there were 3m waves here yesterday. Weather back to normal today, it’s 20ºc already (11.30am)

Source : Mail on Sunday (UK) 17/2/2008 (with thanks to Josie for pointing this out)

Firework displays ............ more

Blog Extra – Social Events & News

Now that AFPOP seems to have disappeared off the face of Madeira, there is little in the way of social events, and I regularly get messages through the website asking what is available (one of which has just appeared on the Madeira island bulletin board).

As an offer to any soul who wishes ............ more

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