The Portuguese are distrustful people?

Díario de Notícias 26-10-2007

The Portugueses are the most distrustful people of Western Europe occupying 25th position amongst 26 countries, a recent European study shows. It measured the strength of distrust and the lack … Read more

Competition for CaboTV !

Source – Diário de Notícias 20th October, 2007

This doesn’t seem finalised yet, but it seems that CaboTV is about to lose its monopoly on TV services for Madeira.

A … Read more

Animal Rehoming

source – Diário de Notícias 14/10/2007

It was very sad to see yesterdays newspaper with so many cats and dogs without homes. SPAD (the official animal welfare organisation on Madeira) … Read more

Animal Welfare

An organisation on mainland Portugal has launched an appeal to improve the legislation for the protection of animals, which I assume  if successful will have an impact on Madeira.

The website … Read more

Taxi Fares – Smoke & Mirrors?

The paragraph at the bottom was taken from the official tourism site of Madeira, yet in the Díario de Noticías (3rd October) there was an article about taxi fares rising … Read more

Easyjet Surprise Again!

Source : Diário de Notícias 6/10/2007

Following the introduction of new flights between Madeira and the UK this month, one could easily be fooled into thinking that’s it for now, … Read more

Madeira – The Best All Round Climate In Europe?

Madeira – The Best All Round Climate In Europe?

 When searching for a European destination for a short break or holiday, surely Madeira Island offers the best climate of anywhere? … Read more


Source Diário de Notícias September 20, 2007

Fact – around half the population in Portugal don’t go to the dentist, because they can’t afford it. The trouble seems to be … Read more

Easyjet Flights

Source : Diário de Notícias 17/9/2007

I guess in part its old news now, but yesterday afternoon those fine people from Easyjet signed the necessary documents to allow the commencement … Read more

CaboTV Offerings

source – Diário de Notícias 13/9/2007


For those of you who have Cabo TV, you might like to know that by the end of the year you could have … Read more

Flu / Gripe

source – Diário de Notícias 12/9/2007

Watch out for the gripe (flu) now Winter is approaching. During october you can buy your vaccination at chemists, priced between €7 and €8.50, … Read more

Car Insurance

source – A Guy In A Pub 30/8/2007

Actually, this guy is a teacher, and teachers are never wrong, eh! Apparently car insurance is set to rocket generally by up … Read more

Generate Your Own Elecricity

source – Diário de Notícias 20/8/2007

Legislation due to be passed through the Madeiran Parliament next month will allow those who live on the island to generate their own electricity … Read more


source – Diário de Notícias 14/8/2007

In an article about immigration to the island during 2006, it was reported that legally registered residents from foreign countries had increased by 71% … Read more


Local News From The Madeiran Media & Other Snippets.

We don’t get much news of excitement here on the island. If you pick up the local newspapers you will find Read more

Madeira News Blog – Tips & Help – Information Sheet

Welcome to the Madeira News Blog. The only source for up to date news for English speakers who live here or have an interest in Madeira. These guidance notes will Read more

Food & Drink, Home & Out – Information Sheet


The Madeirans love to go out and eat, and whilst it is very affordable for many western Europeans, it is comparatively expensive for many people on Madeira on minimum … Read more

Emergency Procedures & Contacts – Information Sheet





In the event of injury or … Read more

Buying, Selling & Renting Property On Madeira – Information Sheet

A Lay-Mans Guide To Buying Property On Madeira

There are numerous sources for finding property for sale, newspapers, websites, and estate agents being the most common. Those not advertised, but … Read more

Tax & Taxation On Madeira – Information Sheet

Tax Liability

If you live on Madeira either all of the time or most of the time, you automatically become resident for tax purposes for your Portuguese and worldwide income, … Read more

Obtaining Residency On Madeira – Information Sheet

If you (and your partner, if applicable) are citizens within a European country, without any nationality complications, you normally have the right to live, work and retire on Madeira if … Read more

Health & Medical Care On Madeira – Information Sheet

Qualifying For Free Health Care Under The Portuguese Health Service.

If you are resident on Madeira, you are entitled to make use of the health service and enjoy the same … Read more

Schools & Education On Madeira – Information Sheet


The school education system on Madeira falls under the remit of the Portuguese education system, although there are some important differences outside of the curriculum itself.

The school year … Read more

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