Azores Tourism Soars:

Record 3.8 Million Overnight Stays in 2023

Azores Tourism Soars: 2

The Azores registered record tourist numbers in 2023 with around 3.8 million overnight stays, according to data from the Regional Service of Statistics … Read more

Albuquerque returns to official duties

but no press invited

Albuquerque returns to official duties 11

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, (I thought he’d resigned?) announced on his social network page that he visited the Madeira International Cancer … Read more

Appeal against Madeira Corruption Decision:

Public Ministry to Contest Release of Former Mayor and Businessmen

Journalists crown court as an Appeal is made against Madeira Corruption Decision:

It was announced late last night that the Public Ministry will appeal against the application of the less serious precautionary … Read more

Socialists defend justice

“a network of collusion and favouritism has been denounced”

Cafofo speaking, defending justice

After the release yesterday of the three defendants detained as part of the case of alleged corruption in the Autonomous Region … Read more

Corruption charges: defendants go free

… “no evidence of committing crimes”

Corruption charges dismissed

It was announced this afternoon that the defendants in the corruption allegations that have been dominating Madeira for three weeks will go free as … Read more

Lawyer accused of defrauding clients

Operation Zarco: coercive measures announced today

A lawyer has been accused of 'frauding' clients out of half a million euros, making headlines in the press

The news that makes the headline of this (Ash) Wednesday’s edition reveals that a lawyer has been accused of ‘frauding’ clients out of half a … Read more

Wave of Robberies Continues in Camacha

Trapalhão Parade deemed a success

JM reports on the ongoing robberies in Camacha

The strange case of persistent robberies continues in the quiet village of Camacha. Despite all the reports, the gathering of residents in vigils, locals … Read more

Funchal traffic going downhill

… to become the most congested city in Portugal

Traffic in Funchal

The Confiança Coalition “expresses deep concern about the current executive’s ability to reverse the declining state of traffic in Funchal, at … Read more

Decrease in Short-Term House Rentals in Funchal

… bucking the national trend with 20% drop

Funchal, where fewer short-term rentals are available

The presence of advertisements for short-term rental periods experienced significant increases at a national level – in Vila Real (200%), Guarda (100%) … Read more

North Sea drags in 18 people taking Selfies

Camacha robberies cause great concern

Selfies drag 18 into the North Sea

The front page highlights what the newspaper describes as “overwhelming numbers”. The North Sea dragged 18 people in whilst taking selfies. Last year, four people … Read more

The Times: “Trouble in Paradise”

Corruption scandal rocks Madeira

Paradise. Reid's Palace hotel, an iconic luxury hotel in Funchal
The Times reporting on “Trouble in Paradise ” yesterday

The Times yesterday reported that the sugar and wine trade with … Read more

Municipal Carnivals a success

Porto Santo bather’s outrage

Smaller carnival parades a success

After the main allegorical parade in Funchalwas the usual “main event” of the Regional Carnival celebrations, yesterday saw a whole series of smaller, but equally important … Read more

Madeirans will pay tourist tax in Porto Santo

Albuquerque missing from Carnival Parade

Carnival, as it is announced vthat Madeirans will pay tourist tax in Porto Santo

Madeirans will pay tourist tax in Porto Santo is the subject that makes the Diario’s headline today. The Chamber has already approved the regulation that … Read more

Ferry suffers setback

Disembarkation staircase out of action

Ferry suffers setback 126

The first trip of the ship Lobo Marinho after the maintenance stop suffered a setback upon arrival at the golden island.

According to some passengers, … Read more

Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly

Ryanair: “Only way to end ANA’s high-tax monopoly”

Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly

Thanks to Maurice for a link to a report in the Portugal Resident this week: Ryanair has announced 14 new routes to … Read more

Allegorical Procession Tonight: Weather Forecast and Troupe Details

Carnival procession, typical scene

Weather permitting, it is time for the allegorical procession – the “signature event ” of Carnival. Tonight, at 8:00 pm, 13 troupes and a total of 1,600 participants will parade … Read more

Preventive Detention Requested for Operation Zarco Suspects in Madeira Investigation

Lawyers discussing Preventive Detention

The Public Prosecutor’s Office today requested preventive detention for the three detained as part of the investigation into suspicions in Madeira, including the former mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado.

The … Read more

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