UK resists precautionary measures

7news reporting on no precautionary measures being taken in the UK
Australian website today

… as Covid rates rise

Precautionary measures to return? Sometimes it is interesting to take a different slant on the UK news as opposed to consuming what you are fed by the increasingly woke BBC news channels.

Reuters report today that “British hospitals are on the edge and people should wear masks and come forward ............ more

SMILE project ends today

Casa da Luz , the venue for SMILE

Madeira one of the pilot islands in EU initiative

This afternoon sees the closing session of the SMILE Project – SMart IsLand Energy – at the Electricity Museum in the centre of Funchal (the Casa da Luz is well worth a visit in its own right by the way).

SMILE – is co-financed by the European Commission, through the Horizonte 2020 programme, ............ more

‘Portuguese Schindler’ honoured in Lisbon

Sousa Mendes has been honoured

Diplomat saved thousands from Nazis

Euronews reports that Portugal has officially honoured a diplomat who helped save thousands of people from Nazi persecution during World War II.

Aristides de Sousa Mendes – known as the “Portuguese Schindler” – ............ more

North African dust affects Madeira

Dust warning from health authorities

Precautions advised

The Regional Directorate of Health, IASAÚDE, has issued a statement on social media platforms today, confirming that Madeira is currently affected by a wind originating from North African carrying dust particles. This is not the expected gas and dust from the volcano in La Palma.

They advise a number ............ more

Portuguese consume double calories

Calorie consumption represented by a food wheel

Calorie consumption increasing

The Portugal News report a Lusa press release revealing that the Portuguese population consumed, on average, twice as many calories as recommended for an adult between 2016 and 2020.

The food product groups with the greatest deviations in 2020, compared to the consumption recommended by the Food ............ more

Teacher shortage

Teacher shortage headline in the Diario

… and 105 consecutive tropical nights

The Diario this morning leads with the headline that 30% of the Regions schools have admitted to a shortage of teachers this academic year – a situation that must be causing concern to the authorities, with many teachers coming from the mainland on short-term contracts.

105 consecutive tropical nights

The same newspaper reports ............ more

Continente warn of rising prices

Continente store

“It is inevitable”

The director of Continente owner Sonae MC, Miguel Águas, has said that “it is inevitable” that there will be price increases along the supply chain due to the rise in fuel prices.

Press agency Lusa report as Miguel Águas was speaking to journalists at the inauguration of the new Sonae ............ more

PCR test objectors released

PCR test

Confined in hotel against their will

JM reports that a Funchal court ordered the release of three citizens who had been in compulsory confinement, after refusing to take the PCR test on arrival in Madeira.

As far as JM was concerned, the three citizens arrived in the Region last week, when the state of calamity was still in effect, and ............ more

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