Life expectancy in Portugal reaches 80 years

Older couple sat on a bench enjoying longer life expectancy

Avarage life expectancy increases

Average life expectancy at birth in Portugal was estimated at 80.93 years for the 2017-2019 three-year period, reveals a publication by the National Statistics Institute earlier this week.

Women continue to have an average life expectancy at birth higher than that of men, 83.51 against 77.95 years. ............ more

Calheta COVID-19 scam

Calheta beach

Door-to-door offers of COVID-19 testing

JM reports that Calheta Parish Council, through its official Facebook page, has reported that “salespeople are walking from door to door, offering to carry out the COVID-19 screening test at a cost”.

The parish authorities have warned the population that it is a scam and recommends the population, ............ more

Call for release of tourism funds

Sara Cerdas, speaking about tourism

MEP says funds needed urgently in Madeira

The Diario reports that MEP for Madeira, Sara Cerdas, believes that in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic in the tourism sector, “it is necessary to give immediate and urgent answers to entrepreneurs and workers in this sector. It is necessary to unlock funds, invest in simplification ............ more

Alberto João Jardim: this generation is not prepared for this crisis

Alberto João Jardim

Former president calls for a firm hand and respect

JM reports that the former president of the Regional Government of Madeira did not spare criticism from politicians and asked for a firm pulse, discipline and human respect in these troubled times of pandemic caused by COVID-19.

On the sidelines of the opening of Nicos’ Burguer at Madeira Shopping ............ more

Major drugs operation in Funchal

drugs in packet

Drug trafficking targetted on Wednesday morning

FN report that drugs raids took place in several places in Funchal this morning, with searches in homes and other properties. The security police, the PSP, detained several people in am operation that was part of an investigation associated with drug trafficking.

In the operation, which took place ............ more

Bank accounts … continued

London banks
Canary Wharf skyscrapers in London

More details from Spain on expat’s UK accounts

Following up on a previous post about British expats possibly having their UK accounts closed, Peter sent in a link to “the local” in Spain which details the situation ............ more

Weather … continued

Map of the path of the tropical storm Paulette, which is influencing the weather in Madeira

Tropical storm will influence next few days in Madeira

The Journal, in it’s mainland edition, note that on what is the first day of autumn, the weather in the archipelago of Madeira will be conditioned, until Friday or Saturday, by the tropical ............ more

“A Place in the Sun” features Funchal

£170,000 budget in Funchal

Thanks to Jaime for a link to the TV show “A Place in the Sun” which features Madeira, or Funchal more specifically, this afternoon at 4:00 pm (1hr duration).

Looks like the program is available on “catch-up” after transmission – looks like it will be available for a month ............ more