Bar O Avô reopening

More help still needed

Maurice has been in touch to remind blog readers that, as they may be aware, the highly popular Bar O Avô in the centre of Funchal … Read more

New airport Radar: more details

Wind monitoring system could be installed quickly

New airport Radar

As already reported here on a number of occasions recently the Diario confirms that the tender for the acquisition of new Radar equipment … Read more

President accepts public accounting irregularities

Social Security with €65m irregularities

accounting irregularities graphic

JM reports that the Government of Madeira indicated today that it has “no problem” in accepting the report from the Court of Auditors (TdC) that … Read more

Madeira to push Golden Visas

More focus on Canadian market

Golden Visa

Funchal Noticias report that Regional President Miguel Albuquerque is interested in attracting foreign capital to Madeira through the so-called Golden Visas. “We are working with … Read more

Hotels are near capacity

with 60,000 tourists in Madeira

Flower Festival Parade with hotels near capacity

The Diario reports online that Regional President Miguel Albuquerque today announced that hotels are near capacity in the Region for the weekend of the Flower … Read more

Curral das Freiras Public Hearing

… over proposed cable car

Curral das Freiras viewpoint
Boca da Corrida viewpoint in Jardim da Serra

JM reports that yesterday, the CDU presented a Public Hearing initiative on the impacts and incidences of … Read more

Cruise ship pollution in Funchal

MSC Virtuosa – a serial offender?

Pollution from a cruise ship in Funchal

Pollution from an unlikely source: Jaime dropped the blog a line describing how, for over an hour yesterday afternoon whilst preparing to sail, the … Read more

New Radar progress

End of masks May 14?

New Radar headline in JM

JM reports that progress has been made with the new Radar which everybody finally agrees is required at the airport with the establishment of a … Read more

Covid 19: cases fall in Madeira

… over the last month

Covid graphic from Visit Madeira

The Diario carries a report that Madeira was the region of the country that had the fewest positive cases of Covid-19 between the 26th of … Read more

Azores earthquakes abate

São Jorge without earthquakes for two days

São Jorge, where 266 earthquakes hav been felt so far

Açoriano Oriental reported yesterday that the Azores Seismovolcanic Information and Surveillance Center (CIVISA) had not identified, in the preceding 24 hours, earthquakes felt … Read more

Flower Festival program

Full details of the Flower Festival events

Flower Festival program

As the Visit Madeira website points out, the Flower Festival is about much more than the main parade this coming Sunday afternoon. It … Read more

Ribeira Brava: beer, drinks, and snacks festival

Culture Week continues

Ribeira Brava: beer, drinks, and snacks festival poster

JM reports that today, at 6:00 pm, another edition of the Festa da Cerveja, Doses e Petiscos starts, in Ribeira Brava, a festivity included in the celebrations … Read more

How Brits in the EU feel about Brexit

… “ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed”

Brexit graphic

Thanks to PeterA for a link to an interesting report covered in about the way that Expats in the EU feel about Brexit in 2022… Read more

Flower Festival preparations

Festivities last all month

Flower Festival preparations

The JM website this morning reports that Funchal City Council, through their Environment department, has announced that they are making Flower Festival preparations. The city’s … Read more

Sweden appoints new consul

6-8,000 Swedes visit per month

New consul for Sweden

JM reports that the Representative of the Republic for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Ireneu Cabral Barreto, yesterday received at the Palácio de São … Read more

Cabo Girão entrance charge?

Government plan to charge for access to viewpoint

Cabo Girão headline in JM

Rogério Gouveia, the regional Finance supervisor, has admitted to JM that the Regional Government is considering the possibility of charging entrance charges … Read more

New Savoy project repositions

Savoy “Insular” to complete this summer

Savoy insular

At the ‘Pau de Fileira’ ceremony at the Savoy Residence Insular, (the Portuguese equivalent of a “topping out” ceremony) which is located … Read more

Working women in Portugal

… still earn less than men

working women

Last weekend saw both Labour Day and Mother’s Day, and the Diario took the occasion to report on the latest statistics regarding women in … Read more

Better wages promised

PM announces better wages on Labor Day

Costa, promising better wages

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa marked Labour Day on Sunday by pledging better wages in the country, by promoting a “reinforcement of the … Read more

4.0 earthquake last night

120 km off Porto Santo


The Diario reports that last night the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, recorded, at 10:49 pm at the stations of the Mainland Seismic Network, an … Read more

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