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This website is now completely “mobile-friendly”


Madeira News app logoAn app is now available for all supported tablets and phones. Users browsing the website from a mobile device will see a “Add To Home Screen” notice (from the bottom of the screen) and will be able to install the website on the home screen of their device. Pages visited are stored locally on the mobile device and are available to read even when users are offline.

App instructions for iOSUnder the current Apple iOS operating system and Safari, you can add the app by tapping “Add to Home Screen” button in the share menu of the browser ( look for the square icon with an up arrow in the foreground ). Future releases of the iOS are expected to make the process of adding the app to your Home Screen even easier.


AMP logoFor those who want super-fast access to the blog on mobile devices, it is available in an “Accelerated Mobile Pages” format similar to the image below. The link for this is here, although some devices automatically offer you the option to load the AMP version.

AMP screenshot

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  1. Getting desperate to know. We are due to holiday in Madeira from 1st Dec for two weeks. Does anyone know if a) It will still be open to us fully vaccinated with QR codes? and b) what basically are the current restrictions?

  2. No restrictions here for quite a while why not have a look on they tell you everything about each country. If you haven’t used it before just put in search box Madeira entry requirements.


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