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The deadline for the payment of the second of the three instalments of the Municipal Property Tax, which covers cases in which the value of IMI exceeds 500 euros, ended on the 31st August.

The Tax and Customs Authority (TA) issued this year 3,890,587 collection notes of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI), including 669.14 worth over 500 euros.

With the State Budget for 2019 (SO2019) some changes were made to the method of payment of this tax, namely the amounts from which it is made in one, two or three installments.

Homeowners with an IMI value of less than 100 euros pay the tax in one installment in May, while those between 100 and 500 euros do so in two installments in May and November.

Already those who own real estate whose equity value results in values ​​over 500 euros receive a second installment, which has to be paid during the month of August.

This year, for the first time, the settlement note issued in May included a reference allowing taxpayers to opt for full and one-time payment.

According to data provided to Lusa by the Ministry of Finance, about 450,000 owners opted for this full payment in May.

IMI is levied on the property value of properties, and in the case of urban properties, the tax rate is fixed annually by the municipalities in a range between 0.3% and 0.45%.

It is also up to the municipalities to decide to give a tax rebate to families with dependents, which is 20 euros when there is a dependent; 40 euros when there are two and 70 euros when they are three or more dependents.

The application of this deduction “is not conditional on the existence of tax debts” and is therefore granted even in the event of missing taxes on the part of the household.

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