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New laws from June 2019

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All dogs, cats and ferrets that the Portuguese hold must be registered with the Pet Information System (SIAC) according to the law published in June this year.

On what deadlines?

All dogs, cats and ferrets born after October 25 will have to be registered within 120 days of birth.

Dogs born before July 1, 2008 and not microchipped must do so by October 25 next year.

Cats and ferrets born before 25 October this year that do not have a microchip will need to be registered within the next three years (until 25 October 2022).

All dogs, cats and ferrets with microchip but not registered in the new database must register within one year.

My animal was already registered, will I have to repeat the registration?

There were two databases in Portugal: the Animal Identification and Recovery System (SIRA), created by the National Union of Veterinary Doctors (SNMV) in 1992, which contained over 1.6 million records made by veterinarians and accessible only for these; and the Canine and Feline Identification System (SICAFE), established in 2003 and managed by the Veterinary Directorate General, which contained less than one million animals, usually registered by the Official Collection Centers and / or Parish Councils. The new Companion Animal Information System (SIAC) is managed by SNMV and integrated the two existing databases, now containing over 2.5 million records that are accessible by veterinarians, law enforcement authorities, boards of parish,

Therefore, animals that were already registered should be automatically in the SIAC.

How do I know if my pet is registered in the new database (SIAC)? What if it isn't?

You can search online at SIAC by entering the 15 digits of the microchip (under the barcode) of your pet. If you are not and are sure you were previously registered with SIRA or SICAFE, please email for registration to be retrieved or made.

My pet has a microchip but was not registered, as I do now?

You can register it with a veterinarian, who may charge you a € 2.5 registration fee and some fee, depending on the criteria you wish to adopt.

After all how much does registration cost in total?

The registration cost, which was established in an ordinance earlier this month that will be € 2.5 is a fee charged by the database to veterinarians. They will be required to charge the pet owners this amount and, as registration depends on the placement of the microchip, and this is a veterinary act, they may also charge fees and VAT at 23% on the fees. The registration cost has been fixed so that the SIAC management entity cannot charge different amounts in the future. According to SNMV, registration with SIRA also had a similar cost (between € 1.5 to € 2) for system maintenance. In the case of this new cost, maintenance will be 85% of the € 2.5 (about € 2.12) and the rest (about € 0.38) will go to the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary.

What happens to registration if the animal changes ownership?

Any change in the animal's situation, whether the address where it is located or the keeper's, must be communicated to SIAC within 15 days by email The death of the animal must be reported in the same way and within the same time frame.

If I lose the animal, what should I do?

The SIAC must be informed by its own form or by the veterinarian who normally accompanies the animal.

If you find an animal, how does SIAC help?

You should contact a veterinarian, the Official Collection Center in your area of ​​residence or inform the SIAC using their own form to arrive at the identity of the pet owner.

With this, the parish council fee no longer needs to be paid?

The Government has yet to clarify the state of animal licensing, whose law has not been repealed. The National Association of Parishes will need to be consulted on the amendment to Law 75/2013, which establishes the legal regime of local authorities. That statute establishes that it is up to the Parish Councils "to register and license canids and cats". Decree-Law 82/2019 places Parish Councils as partners in the identification system (can issue Pet Identification Documents, that is, a sheet with the data of the animal and the keeper as stated in the SIAC, can make registration or changes to the SIAC registration of already microchipped animals), without mentioning changes to the licensing of the animals.

Therefore, until further news, compulsory licensing in Parish Councils continues.

What are the fines for those who do not comply?

Briefly (in detail, refer to the law ), the minimum fine is 50 euros for single and 44890 for legal persons, whether owners or veterinarians, to:
- who does not have the Society of Animal Identification Documents (DIAC) in your travels;
- whose registration with SIAC does not comply with the law;
- whose registration with SIAC is out of date;
- who in general has carried out vaccination or other veterinary care without marking and registering the animal;
- Who places microchips without being authorized to do so.

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