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Hi, I wonder if you can help? Hubby and I visited Madeira last year, all the way from Australia, and we have been put in touch with you via blogger Julie Fox. Walking home last week I lost an earring I purchased in Madeira and am understandably upset on account of its being irreplaceable, not in price but in souvenir value. I have been googling and going over my pix in hopes I could locate where the stall was held. I know it was held on Monday 13 November last year. My best guess as to a venue is Praça do Poco – as we were wandering slowly on foot from Bar Number Two Poncha Old Town back towards the cruise terminal when we saw the market. It was held in a park with lots of little local artisan stall holders and the pictures of Praça do Povo do look like the backdrop I recall, although I cannot find any mention online of any stalls held here. I believe it may have been held somewhat spontaneously for the benefit of the cruise ship that was in that day. I am sure the name of the stallholder, if I recall from her little business card (which I cannot find anywhere in my scrapbook 🙁 sad) was ‘My Little Handmade Things’ (written all in English) but again I cannot find any such listing online (I was hoping she may have had an Etsy shop or such) Can you picture the area I am describing/ do you have any contacts in Madeira to see if anybody knows a stallholder by that name? I would love to repurchase from her and would come to an arrangement re wiring the money. Hope you can help! Thanks, Julieanne

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