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The Greatest Selection of Outdoor Activities in Madeira – in water, on land, in the sky

—video from Lokoloko.

900 celebrated the Day of Motorcyclists

The National Day of Motorcyclists was a success in the region. The Association of Motorcyclists in Madeira said that despite the uninviting ............ more

News, 19th – 20th April – thanks to Elaine


VI EncanTunas – Festival de Tunas Femininas da Madeira, 13th and 14th May

The Four Seasons is the theme of this event organised by Tuna D’Elas, Tuna Feminina da Universidade da Madeira. Four tuna groups will take part: Atituna – Tuna Feminina da Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da ............ more

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