“Troika” visits Portugal today. Bail-out loan repayment extension. Venezuelan elections

‘Troika’ comes to Portugal today aware of the intentions of the Government to circumvent Constitutional Court ruling

The ‘Troika’ returns to Portugal today (Monday) after extending by seven years the deadline for the country to pay the bail-out loans. Press Agency Lusa reports that elements of the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary ............  ...read more

Portuguese Court blocks austerity measures. “Maritime Cluster of Macaronesia”. Choupana Hills recovery plan.

Portuguese Court creates Eurozone uncertainty

On Friday the single currency bloc, still reeling from the botched Cyprus bail-out, was plunged into fresh uncertainty as the Portuguese constitutional court blocked four out of nine austerity measures aimed at meeting the conditions of its €78bn bail-out, forcing the government to find savings ............  ...read more

Airline ‘fat tax’ proposal. Cyprus–what next–expat savings in danger? Pestana Bay.

Airline 'fat tax' backed by half of Britons

Airline ‘fat tax’ backed by half of Britons

Telegraph Travel (26th March) reports that nearly half of British travellers are in favour of a “fat tax” on overweight air passengers, new research has shown

This week an academic in Norway proposed a “pay as you weigh” scheme that would see airlines charging overweight fliers more to help ............  ...read more

Mobile broadband. More road casualties. Azores “red” alert. New European rules for airport delays.

Mobile broadband

Sorry to go on about this, but the last few weeks moving around in both the UK and Madeira has made me necessarily something of an expert in this matter. This is part of the reason behind the infrequency of recent postings but it’s great to see that “Comments” have done a better job than me ............  ...read more

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