NEWS 04 FEB – Thanks again to Sue


Large Rock falls scare Calheta

The landslide from the hillside overlooking the promenade of Calheta touched part of the recreation port yesterday morning, causing havoc on the road and effected part of the maritime infrastructure.  A trader from the area was touched whilst trying to walk ............ more

Quickie Tourist Information thanks to Sue:

Just to get back into the swing of things here are a couple of things that might be interesting to residents and visitors alike.

15th International Gymnastics Tournament of Madeira

The Gymnastics Association of Madeira organizes the International Gymnastics Tournament for the 15th time. Considered by ............ more

News from Elaine:

News roundup 11/01/2011 – 14/01/2011
Although more passengers passed through the Port of Funchal last year, there were 108,687 fewer (- 4.8%) through Madeira Airport (annual total 2,239,353). In December, 8.9% fewer passengers, accounted for by – ............ more

How well do you know Madeira?

madeira news blog 0909 jaquine 5 - 10

How well do you know Madeira? This weeks teaser is from Jaquine, who rates it at 5 out of 10 difficulty. Just the name of the town / village / location please, otherwise I will get confused.

48 hours allowed, then the correct answer will be given (if necessary).

Thanks Jaquine!

Anona / Custard apple in watercolour

This Anona was handed to me by the owner of the house in Arco Da Calheta that we were thinking of buying. Eight months later we have now moved into that same house and the Anona tree is just outside my art room.

I have been painting for 15 years starting with oils and finally progressing to watercolour ............ more

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