Cruise ship fatal accident. Investment in Madeira, but a shrinking Portuguese economy. Ronaldo shows class – and his charitable side.

A lifeboat being used on a safety drill aboard a cruise ship in Spain's Canary Islands fell about 65 feet  into a port  when a cable snapped, trapping crew members beneath it and killing five of them. Divers raced to the lifeboat, which had hit the water upside down, recovering four bodies and trying without success to revive a fifth crewman who had stopped breathing, the authority said. Thomson Cruises confirmed the accident and the casualties aboard its Thomson Majesty ship at Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands.

British cruise ship en-route to Funchal delayed in port after deadly lifeboat accident

Thomson Majesty: Photo: EPA/CARLOS ACIEGO

The luxury liner was due to set sail from the Canary Island of La Palma at 3pm last Sunday bound for Madeira but the departure was delayed following the death of five crew after the lifeboat they were checking plummeted 65 feet from the ............ more

Missing walker turns up. Cyprus Euro problems & money laundering. New TAP web site. Hitler – new book.

Search for missing tourist called off

Over the weekend a search and rescue operation by firefighters for a missing tourist on the path between Babosas and Curral dos Romeiros was suspended just after the Civil Protection were informed that the foreign citizen had returned to the hotel where she was staying in Funchal. The alarm had been ............ more

Rapida fatalities. £ continues to fall against €. New Euro driving licence now in effect. Busy week for cruise passengers in Funchal.

Four die in Rapida accident

The four people lost their lives last Sunday morning following a serious accident on at the Viveiros tunnel junction of the Via Rapida. Only one vehicle is reported to have been involved at around 5.00am.

Three local men aged 29, 30 and 33 were declared dead at the scene , together with a woman ............ more

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