Cork wine stoppers

Shock horror! Found my first “plastic cork” yesterday, fitted to a bottle of Alentejano purchased purchased from Continente as it is referred to nowadays (what happened to Modelo?). From my (extensive!) experience this is a first on the island – back in the UK of course 9 out of 10 are plastic ............ more

Porto Santo review from the Independent yesterday: “Madeira’s sandy little sister”. St Helier, Jersey, completes twinning with Funchal


With Thomson soon to begin its second season of weekly direct flights from Gatwick direct to Porto Santo on 7th May, this review in the Independent is very positive. Always seems to me that people apologise for there being nothing to do on Porto Santo – but surely that’s the ............ more

IVA price hikes!

Sorry to draw the line under the previous set of comments, which has had over 1500 visits. Great to know that interest in the blog remains so high!

To much more important matters, and I’m afraid more bad news. This morning we were amazed to find that our usual Chinesa plus Garoto at a modest cafe ............ more