Airport problems as predicted.

Wind causes problems again

Flight landing at Madeira airportMadeira Airport has experienced problems yet again this afternoon – problems perfectly predicted by our resident weather Jaime – who still has a 100% record recently!… Read more

Azores expect bad weather.

Kyllian depression approaches

Azores expect bad weather. 3Thanks to Peter, with his usual interest in the Azores, for flagging up that the Kyllian depression is expected to reach the Azores this coming Saturday, with … Read more

Madeira weather in the UK!

Jet stream feeds early UK spring

Madeira weather in the UK! 9Thanks to our resident expert on all matters weather and nautical, Jaime, for pointing out that February’s Madeiran weather is currently being transported towards … Read more

Floods anniversary. App.

350 projects completed

Ribeira de João Gomes, 9 years after the floods of 2010

On the anniversary of the tragic floods of 2010 the local press are full of the usual stories about monies missing from the relief fund, families still Read more

Call for memorial to floods.

Memorial for tenth anniversary?

Call for memorial to floods. 11Thanks for Maurice for alerting me to this story. The Diario reports that the political party NÓS, Cidadãos! (WE, Citizens!) has proposed that a memorial is … Read more

Flybmi fails. Norwegian Air.

Fortunately no Madeira connections

Flybmi planeThe Sunday Times and lots of other outlets report on “Misery for holidaymakers” as airline Flybmi goes bust. This is a tough time for smaller airlines, … Read more

Rockfall victim – body recovered.

Risk of building collapsing

José Dias, president of the Regional Civil Protection Service officially confirming the death of the young cookThe Diario reports that it was few minutes before midnight last night when José Dias, president of the Regional Civil Protection Service, officially confirmed the death … Read more

Fatal rockfall in Calheta

Boulder falls on Calheta restaurant

Fatal rockfall in Calheta 23All local media are are reporting that a rockfall in Calheta may have led to the death of a young woman working in the Rocha … Read more

New Bishop of Funchal arrives.

Bishop-elect steps on Madeiran soil

New Bishop of Funchal arrivesBoth the main local newspapers report that Nuno Brás, the new Bishop of Funchal who will take office on Sunday, arrived in Madeira yesterday.
The … Read more

Madeira Airport latest

Situation normal at the airport

Madeira airportAirport latest: Madeira Airport spent 9 hours out of action yesterday due to the strong wind that had been felt practically all day. The first … Read more

Airport latest as flights cancelled

Airport latest: 2 flights cancelled, 7 diverted

Passengers wait at Madeira AirportMadeira Airport latest: The Diario reports that so far today, two TAP flights, to and from Lisbon, have been cancelled, and seven planes … Read more

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