Jacaranda Trees

Walking around Funchal recently (both the photos below were taken yesterday) you can’t but help notice the Jacaranda in bloom (possibly slightly past their best as the green of the … Read more

Cork wine stoppers

Shock horror! Found my first “plastic cork” yesterday, fitted to a bottle of Alentejano purchased purchased from Continente as it is referred to nowadays (what happened to Modelo?). From my … Read more

IVA price hikes!

Sorry to draw the line under the previous set of comments, which has had over 1500 visits. Great to know that interest in the blog remains so high!

To much … Read more

Apologies everybody! The blog has moved to a new server as part of a planned upgrade but unfortunately Paul’s posts of the 25th and 26th were lost in the process. They have been re-created below but the comments have been lost. Normal service now hopefully resumed.


August 26, 2011 By: abbo Category: Madeira & General News

Father of Portuguese rock Rui Veloso in Sao Vicente; The Athletics World Championships 2011; Portuguese athletes predicted to win

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