Wave of Robberies Continues in Camacha

Trapalhão Parade deemed a success

JM reports on the ongoing robberies in Camacha

The strange case of persistent robberies continues in the quiet village of Camacha. Despite all the reports, the gathering of residents in vigils, locals claiming they know exactly who the offenders are, and the promises of more policing, there were two more robberies yesterday.

JM reports that regardless of the numerous alerts shared in recent times, the dawn continues to be devastating for traders in Camacha affected by the wave of robberies at businesses and homes in that locality. Overnight, according to what the newspaper could ascertain, two bars were robbed, namely O Casimiro, which was already in the news due to acts of vandalism, and Moisés.

Last month, as reported by the newspaper, the bar O Candeeiro, Casa do Povo da Camacha, a hairdresser and other commercial spaces in Camacha reported robberies or situations that ended in attempts, as happened with the pharmacy in the center of the parish.

Trapalhão Parade deemed a success

The regional secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, in a review of the Trapalhão Parade, which took place yesterday afternoon, showed great satisfaction with the strong participation of community centres, with children, young people and “less young” people. By all accounts, there was less satire this year, which is strange considering the possibilities that arise from recent political controversies.

On the other side of the coin, a small Carnival parade in Seixal was cancelled due to the death of a resident. Due to the tragedy that occurred at sea in São Vicente and which killed “a very well-known person”, the Seixal Parish Council decided to cancel the Carnival procession that was scheduled for 3 pm today. It is understood that the person who died was a fisherman, who left Seixal earlier in what the Diario describes as a canoe.

Bela Vista in need of urgent repairs

The headline of today’s edition of JM reveals that the degradation of the Bela Vista building raises criticism from several family members of the 180 users of the health unit. ‘Living Care’, which has the concession for the Home, admits that the current model “is exhausted and does not respond to needs” and announces to the newspaper an investment of around 20 million euros for the requalification and modernization of the space.

Wave of Robberies Continues in Camacha 1

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Wave of Robberies Continues in Camacha 3

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