Increase in Violence Cases in Madeira

UMAR Reports Rise in Insecurity and Victim Support

Increase in Violence Cases in Madeira: UMAR Reports Rise in Insecurity and Victim Support - headlines in JM

Last year, Madeira registered an increase in the number of cases of violence being monitored by the Victim Support Association. But the feeling of insecurity is also confirmed by the feminist organisation UMAR

Presença Feminina reveals to JM that it helps ten more people than in the previous year and provides more than 1,500 consultations regarding domestic aggression and violence.

PSD-M succession

The PSD is already accelerating towards succession. One week before the deadline for submitting lists, activists are surprised by Manuel António Correia’s silence.

Correia was seen as a possible successor as president of the Regional Government after Albuquerque’s resignation according to Expresso .

He was a regional secretary in the executive between 2000 and 2015, and was a candidate for the leadership of PSD Madeira, to succeed Alberto João Jardim, but ended up losing to Miguel Albuquerque.

Increase in Violence Cases in Madeira 1

Firefighters’s strike?

There are reports that the union threatens a strike among firefighters in the region after the news earlier in the week that an approved increment would not be applied as soon as expected.

Man dies in the Lido

Firefighters and EMIR, the emergency response team, were called to the lido yesterday afternoon and recovered an individual aged approximately 60 years after he suffered an episode of sudden illness, followed by a cardiorespiratory arrest. According to a fire department source, despite the prompt action of the rescue teams, unfortunately, it was impossible to reverse the situation, which is why the EMIR doctor pronounced him dead on the spot.

However, for legal reasons, the body can only be removed from the site after health authorities have analyzed the entire body. The PSP was also in a private car park in Lido, where the situation occurred, according to JM.

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    • Well making again conclusions and assumptions about things domestic violence can be in many shapes and forms and many times doesn’t have the drunk and drugs involved for your lack of information stop generalizing.

      • Wow did you get up from the wrong side of bed.
        If you had to look at statistics, you would find that alcohol and drugs does play a huge part in abuse cases.

        • I didn’t and for your information this Jennifer only talks about that like it is the only thing to talk and nothing else .And also you forget to add that also there is domestic violence not only because drugs and alcohol but also there is also domestic without this two factors .Domestic and family violence includes a range of abuse, including economic, physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological, toward children, adults, and elders. Intimate partner violence includes stalking, sexual and physical violence, and psychological aggression by a current or former partner women or men .


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