Two years since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia

900 Ukrainians in Madeira

The Invasion of the Ukraine two years ago sees a March in Funchal this afternoon

In a prominent feature on the front page refers to the two years since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. United against “tyranny” serves as the motto for the end of the war, but the war, in defence of free Europe, is also fought with the values ​​of the integration of 900 Ukrainians in Madeira. This afternoon there is a march through Funchal in support of the Ukraine, with the walk leaving the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, at 4:30 pm, heading to Funchal Cathedral.

The Diario reports that 36 TVDE companies are awaiting the opening of their contingent in the Region  and that a Public Security Police operation resulted in four arrests for ‘bloom’ trafficking in Porto Santo – already reported here.

The Diario reports that the Government has won a 10-year battle against Santa Cruz. The Constitutional Court ruled in favour of the Regional Government in the dispute with the Santa Cruz municipality over the right to property through adverse possession of the Cancela Business Park.

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