Young Tourist Stabbed in Central Funchal: Firefighters Provide Assistance

The seafront at Praça do Povo,, where the tourist is alleged to have been stabbed

Firefighters and emergency services were called early this afternoon to provide assistance to a young tourist, who, according to JM was stabbed while walking in central Funchal.

According to a fire department source, the 19-year-old victim suffered an injury to the chest, allegedly due to a stab wound.

The man was stabbed was reported to be in Praça do Povo, in Funchal, where he ended up being recovered by the EMIR fast response medical team and the pre-hospital team of the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters. By coincidence, I walked along the seafront early this afternoon and all was quiet, with just one small cruise ship in port. Even at the busiest of times this is not a location where you would expect someone to be stabbed – not least a tourist in broad daylight.

Suffering from what is described as a somewhat serious injury, the young tourist was transported to the hospital, where he was admitted to the emergency department.

Young Tourist Stabbed in Central Funchal: Firefighters Provide Assistance 1

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Young Tourist Stabbed in Central Funchal: Firefighters Provide Assistance 3

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18 thoughts on “Young Tourist Stabbed in Central Funchal: Firefighters Provide Assistance”

  1. I would guess it’s one of the drug addicts. There are plenty of violent addicts in Madeira. The island has a drug problem, and the government does not care.

  2. All conjecture!!! All the story says is that a teenage tourist was stabbed in Praça do Povo. As to who did the stabbing and the motives behind it have not yet been mentioned in any of the news sources.

    So can you all please stop making wild claims or accusations.

  3. It’s certainly not the safe maderia it once was, the drug culture has taken over, which makes crime more prevalent. The government needs to crack down hard on drugs.

  4. This news article is very minimal and does not give any information of what happened. If you don’t mind me saying it is lazy journalism and can backfire. I see that this page sends newt titles and is keen to have more subscribers and sell ads. but please understand that with benefits comes responsibilities. Articles such as this, that give no details and involves no research on the part of the publisher of this website only leads to readers’ guessing and coming up with their personal opinions. please make some research and give a little bit of more background information so people can be informed and not make guesses. Thank you.


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