Temperature 4°C above usual in January in Madeira

São Vicente sees a maximum: 28.4 °C

Temperature 4°C above usual in January in Madeira, with Sao Vicente seeing the maximum temperature at 28.4°C
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The month of January was warmer than usual in Madeira, recording an average air temperature that was 4 degrees Celsius above average. This is one of the conclusions of the synthesis of the main meteorological data for the first month of 2024 that were released today by the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), taking into account the information provided by the Delegation of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA ) in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The highest average temperature in January was 20.4 °C

The highest average temperature in January was 20.4 °C and was curiously recorded in the north of the island: Porto Moniz. The lowest average temperature was established at the Pico do Areeiro station (8.4 °C) in that same winter month.

Compared to the climatological normals of January, all stations for which this information was available (7 stations) presented higher values, with Santo da Serra standing out with +4.5 °C deviation from the normal for this season. It is also noteworthy that the Porto Moniz station recorded 7 days with a maximum temperature above 25 °C, notes DREM.

São Vicente extreme was the highest: 28.4 °C on the 27th

With regard to the absolute maximum and minimum temperatures recorded in the last month, the extremes were recorded at the stations of São Vicente (28.4 °C on the 27th) and Pico do Areeiro (-0.5 °C on the 19th). DREM adds that the 19th was the coldest in 16 stations.

As for rain, the highest value of total precipitation was recorded at the Chão do Areeiro meteorological station (328.4 mm), and it was on the 14th that the highest value of daily precipitation was observed at this station (111.4 mm). On the contrary, the lowest monthly value was recorded in Porto Santo/Airport (65.2 mm).

In comparison with the 1961-1990 climatological normal for the month of January, the Santo da Serra station stands out with a negative anomaly of the order of 145.8 mm. The Funchal/Observatório station stood out with the highest positive value compared to normal (+70.0 mm).

Analyzing the days with precipitation (rainy, rainy and very rainy days), it is concluded that the maximum number of days with rain (days with 0.1 mm of precipitation or more) was recorded at the Santo da Serra station (25 days), despite the greater negative anomaly mentioned above. The maximum number of rainy days (days with 1.0 mm of precipitation or more) was recorded at the Pico do Areeiro station (16 days), and the maximum number of very rainy days (days with 10 mm of precipitation or more) was registered at Pico Alto station (10 days), indicates DREM.

Regarding air humidity, in January 2024, the average monthly relative air humidity values ​​varied between 67% in Porto Moniz and Lugar de Baixo, and 88% in São Jorge. The minimum daily value of relative air humidity (2%) was recorded at the Pico do Areeiro, Lido and Quinta Grande stations on several days in January, and the maximum value (100%) was reached at 10 stations, also in different days of January.

Maximum wind gust was 143 km/h in Areeiro

As for the wind, among the stations with an anemometer, it was at the Chão do Areeiro station that the highest average wind intensity was recorded (28.7 km/h), on the other hand, it was at the Monte/Quinta Jardins do Imperador station. which recorded the lowest average (5.3 km/h). The highest gust of wind was recorded on the 16th in Chão do Areeiro (143 km/h).

More hours of sunshine in Funchal than normal for January

DREM also analyzed insolation (number of hours of sunlight), a relevant indicator for solar and photovoltaic production, finding that the maximum and minimum in January was 142.3 hours in Funchal/Observatório and Porto Santo 134, 4 hours, with normal values ​​being 140.4 hours and 134.9 hours, respectively.

The daily data and values ​​accumulated in the month refer to observations from 9am to 9am, and DREM used the normal ones in the period 1971-2000 for the Porto Santo/Airport and Funchal/Observatory stations. For the remaining stations, the normal ones for the historical period between 1961 and 1990 are used.

A summary of this information can be consulted on the dashboard provided by DREM.

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