Social mobility allowances: about turn!

CTT forced to resume simplified procedures

Social Mobility is mostly reclaimed by TAT passengers flying to the mainland

It was reported yesterday that CTT Correios (the Portuguese Post Office) have been forced to simplify their social mobility allowance reclaim procedures. The General Inspectorate of Finance, agreeing with the Regional Government, ordered CTT Correios to resume payment of refunds without additional requirements, in response to alerts from the Regional Government, travel agencies and passengers.

The General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) ruled in favour of the Regional Government of Madeira, with regard to the Social Mobility claims made regarding the new criteria that began to be used last week in payments of the Social Mobility Subsidy (SSM) in CTT stores – Post Office of Portugal.

In a response sent this afternoon to the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, the IGF informs “that there have been no changes to the SSM payment rules” and that instructions have already been given to CTT to immediately resume payment of Social Mobility refunds, adding that there will be no any loss to beneficiary passengers, whose reimbursement period has, however, expired.

It is worth remembering that, last Wednesday, February 21st, citizens and travel agents began to report situations of impediment to reclaiming Social Mobility by CTT due to compliance with new rules regarding the payment of this reimbursement. Informed about these occurrences, SRTC quickly contacted the various entities involved in the SSM process, namely CTT, the National Civil Aviation Authority, the General Inspectorate of Finance and the State Secretariat for Infrastructure, listing the problems caused and with the aim of reversing the introduction of the new criteria.

The IGF’s response confirms the warnings launched by the SRTC, thus maintaining the rights of passengers from Madeira and Porto Santo guaranteed under the SSM regime.

Regional Government called for the removal of obstacles to Social Mobility refunds

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In a letter sent to the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) last week, the Regional Government of Madeira had once again insisted on “the urgent and imperative need for the immediate revocation” of the obstacles that began to be placed last week on payments of the Social Mobility Subsidy (SSM ) in CTT stores.

The Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture recalls, in a statement, that on the 21st, citizens and travel agents began to report situations of an impediment to Social Mobility reclaims by CTT due to the observance of new rules regarding the payment of this reimbursement.

“The new criteria, which were not previously communicated to those involved, require that the invoices presented include a description of the various fees (security – SP; passenger service – YP; fuel – YQ and ticket issuance – XP), by segment flight, in the case of round-trip tickets or one-way tickets with more than one flight segment. The untimely introduction of new criteria, decided unilaterally, mainly affects ticket invoices issued by TAP and SATA, as well as those of travel agencies, and is already having consequences with several passengers being constrained in carrying out their refund processes”, a reason that led the Secretariat to, this morning, once again insist on the IGF to resolve the problem, arguing that “the legislation that has been in force for eight and a half years must continue to be applied as it always has been, with documents being accepted that present the value of the fare broken down by route and the airport and emission taxes (when applicable) for the entire itinerary contracted by the passenger”.

“In other words, whether in round-trip tickets or in one-way tickets with more than one flight segment, the indivisible value associated with each of those fees has always been considered, especially because airlines that charge PT fees, YP and YQ (TAP and SATA/Azores Airlines) have billing systems that are formatted to present instalments in that way and this is in compliance with IATA rules, which will have to be observed, both by airlines and agents and travel”, he specifies.

The Regional Government emphasizes that any change to current legislation must allow sufficient time for companies and agencies to adapt their billing systems” and, above all, “so that passengers who have already purchased their tickets are not harmed”. “As there has been no change to the legislation in force, it is truly incomprehensible that the residents of this archipelago are prevented from receiving compensation from the SSM, as an inalienable right of the beneficiary citizens and compliance with the principle of territorial continuity are at stake”, he warns, calling for reconsideration of the decision taken last week.

Lots of references to the Social Mobility scheme if you search on the link below

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  1. It was already difficult to get a refund before. The post office always wanted one more piece of paper, which of course I didn’t t have. So I go to get it. Then they want another one. So I go to get it. Then they want an original and not a photo copy. At which point I got quite annoyed. I finally got my refund.

  2. The existing system already makes a visit to the local post office to be dreaded and if you’re unlucky enough to get behind someone making their claim it can be very frustrating to say least.
    Madeira – the land of never ending paperwork!
    BTW Admin, I’m so lazy, so really like your “listen” button – thank you!

  3. Well CTT and Portuguese Costumes are a complete disgrace I did bought a dress and paid up front everything by Global Shipping of ebay program to avoid dealing with the Portuguese Costumes. And I was astonish to discover that the package was open by the CTT and Costumes it seems they don’t have machines to see what it is inside ? 😣😆


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