Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly

Ryanair: “Only way to end ANA’s high-tax monopoly”

Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly

Thanks to Maurice for a link to a report in the Portugal Resident this week: Ryanair has announced 14 new routes to and from Portugal for this summer in a press conference in which the chief executive of Ryanair ‘demanded’ that the government opens up Montijo airport. The Montijo Airport project, which will operate in conjunction with Lisbon’s current Humberto Delgado Airport, aims to transform part of an air base into a

CEO Michael O’Leary stressed that the high taxes imposed by Portuguese airports operator ANA are forcing airlines to reduce regional flights to and from Portugal.

An attempt to end ANA’s high fee monopoly in Lisbon forever

Opening the Montijo Air Force base to civilian aircraft is, in O’Leary’s solution, the way to “end ANA’s high fee monopoly in Lisbon forever”.

Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly 1

“We are delighted to announce the biggest schedule for the summer of 2024 in Portugal, where we continue to grow and open 14 new routes,” he said, but “unfortunately (…) the high fees of the ANA monopoly are forcing airlines like Ryanair to reduce regional flights to and from Portugal. 

“It is unacceptable that the Portuguese regulator, ANAC, has agreed to ANA monopoly fee increases of up to 17%, far above inflation. This decision will further damage Portugal’s tourism growth and jobs. We have already seen this in Portugal’s regional islands, where Ryanair was forced to close its base in Ponta Delgada and cut one of its two aircraft based in Madeira – a $100 million loss of investment – due to ANA’s excessive fee increases. We demand that the Portuguese government immediately open Montijo airport to end ANA’s high fee monopoly in Lisbon forever”

Ryanair statement released at the press conference in Lisbon earlier this week.
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Coincidentally perhaps, ANA airports authority is also laying on the pressure for Montijo to be not just opened up but transformed into the new Lisbon overspill airport. This is after a recent report by a commission ostensibly set up to determine the best site for a new airport emphatically said Montijo is not it – instead preferring Alcochete

Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly 5

With this topic high on the ‘to do list’ for any incoming government after the elections, Ryanair’s latest challenge simply adds to the pressure.

As for the new routes, these will be between Alicante (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden), Belfast (Ireland), Budapest (Hungary), Krackow (Poland), Belfast (Ireland), Norwich (UK), Marrakesh (Morocco), Rome (Italy), Ibiza (Balearic Islands), Madrid (Spain), Pisa (Italy), Poznan (Poland) and Tangiers (2 routes: Morocco).

4 thoughts on “Ryanair seeks to end airport high-tax monopoly”

    • I booked a flight to Italy, it got cancelled just before boarding (I was already at the boarding gate), no excuses, no information, no compensation.
      At the gate I was told they could do nothing about my hotel booking.
      PS. I still do not hate Ryan Air, but I surely hate O’Leary. When will Ryan Air realise that O’Leary is not an asset, but a liability? When the price difference is not too big, I gladly pay more for a different airline.

  1. John, I find it hard to believe you settled for no excuses, no information and no compensation. It’s down to personal experience. I’ve never had a problem until this Christmas, two weeks before I was due to fly to Madeira my return flight was cancelled, I was offered the choice of changing flights or a refund. I chose a refund which was in my account 24 hours later. O’Leary’s been there since the beginning and the airlines a success. It’s not about the levels of hate, it’s about profitability.


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